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HOTEL drug interdiction


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  • HOTEL drug interdiction

    Wassup Guys,

    I posted this in another thread but got "0" responses. I've been posting here for a while and I still have not heard about having restricted access. My question here is concerning HOTEL drug interdiction. If anyone has any experience with setting up a project involving this, could you please email me at [email protected] I am a police officer and my roommate is one as well. If you guys can help, I would really appreciate it.



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    I'm real curious WHY you would want to do interdiction in a hotel. Not likely to be a real hotbed of narcotics traffing going on at most Motel 6s.


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      Just the opposite Desertrat. Our dopers here have left the street due to heavy LEO presence and are now dealing out of motels and such. We got a dude last week with 22 grams of cheese and some oxy. Hard to work unless you make a traffic stop and arrest someone for a small quanity and they work with you to get a buy going. Knock and talks are not good at hotels. Most of the time they see you coming and dont answer the door.
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        Don't kid yourself, Desert Rat. One of the most spectacular busts I took part in was indeed at a Motel 6. I got an attaboy letter in my file from the DEA for that one.

        Happened when I was working security patrol; we had the contract to patrol the motel, and to respond to incidents. We noticed a high number of people coming and going from this one room, so we notified PD. PD managed to get information from a buyer they had caught, so they decided to raid the room. They enlisted our assistance as well.
        My mission was to keep the two creeps on the floor at shotgun point, with specific instructions from the PD SGT to splatter them if they moved!

        DEA was notified, they took over, and those boys went to a Federal lockup for no less than 10 years.
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          OK, let me re-phrase that. I have 6 hotel-casinos in my beat and I get dope out of them all the time, but, we are talking an "interdiction" operation here. I don't see a whole lot of hotels wanting cops standing around asking their customers, 99% of whom are families on vacation, if you can talk to them and go through their bags. Not real big in the PR department. Also not near as productive as getting out on the highways, etc.

          Most of your couriers are not taking the time to stop at the motel, catch a swim, eat at the buffet. They are making money and they don't make money lounging by the pool. You make it by getting in the car, hauling your *** to LA, or Miami, or wherever you're picking up, and getting your *** back to wherever with your product. And, I'm pretty sure I would leave my product stashed wherever I had it hidden in my car, not take it into the room with me?

          Yes, you are going to get your local scumbag parting, but that is not interdiction.

          [ 03-10-2003, 10:53 AM: Message edited by: DesertRat ]


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            like everyone is saying..the area where I am inquiring about is right near I-85 and I-77 through Charlotte..I appreciate the input and I'll let you guys know if I find out anything.


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              jwelch, contact the vice division in Greensboro. They have had great success in Motel/Hotel interdiction. I think one of the officers even teaches a course in it.


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