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  • advice please

    Ok, you guys, I really need to quit smoking soon. I can't seem to kick this bad habit away. For any of you former smokers, how did you quit or what techniques did you use to quit smoking for good? I've tried numerous times to quit but I would always find myself back at convenient stores purchasing cigerettes...any ideas, please?
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    Try dousing your clothes in gasoline, that will discourage ya.
    Sorry, my addiction is food, no answers from me.


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      I have never smoked but three different people, totally unrelated, that I know have tried hypnosis and it has worked for them. It's relatively inexpensivem around $40-50 and most places offer a money back guarantee.
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        cold turkey + prayer worked for me. going on 6yrs now.

        oh yea, you will gain a bunch of weight after you quit


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          I have to second the 'cold-turkey' method. I quit once about halfway through college, then starting smoking again when I lived in London (EVERYONE smokes in Europe). Finished up the pack I brought back to the US with me and never touched another one. It's been 15 years and I still get the occasional craving.

          My wife used the patch. After three failed attempts, she was successful. That was almost 2 years ago.
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            Cold turkey. That's it. Lots and lots of willpower.


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              I'm behind the cold-turkey too. But if you give in to temptation once, you'll never be able to go back. Will-power, Will-power, Will-power!!!!
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                My grandmother also quit cold-turkey....not until after she got diagnosed with emphasema though.


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                  You could replace that bad habit with another one like chewing tobacco
                  The ends justifies the means


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                    Stand in front of a mirror and watch yourself smoke an entire cigarette.... really watch yourself, and think of the mechanics of what you are doing. You will see how stupid it looks. Why the hell do people start sucking on those NASTY things for any way?


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                      Try the Nicorette Gum. But pay the little extra and get either the mint or orange flavor. The regular tastes like you are chewing a rubber band. It comes in 2 mg and 4 mg depending on how much you smoke per day. That will help take the edge off, but most importantly you need will power. I saw this web site once that was from Austrailia and it showed a doctor pouring black tar out that he had taken out of someones lungs. It was sooooo nasty. Just the site of it will make you stop, it looked like road tar. Now, you know why you cough in the morning, heh? I'll see if I can find that site for you.
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                        try degredation.

                        i knew a girl that smoked and wanted to quit so i constantly made fun of her. she'd wake up in the morning and first thing was to start hacking stuff up. after several months of making fun of her, she stopped; no assistance of any kind.

                        oddly enough, she thanks me for the torment i put her through. i guess i have that effect on people.


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                          this is what comes out of your lungs after you inhale a cigarette.


                          this site will definitely help you quit...
                          (note: this site is kind of gross)

                          [ 11-01-2002, 09:35 AM: Message edited by: p01ic3m4n ]


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                            It's not easy at all.

                            "I have never smoked but three different people, totally unrelated, that I know have tried hypnosis and it has worked for them."

                            Glad it worked for them. Nobody I know that had it done stayed off of cigarettes.

                            Same with this thing they do about a pressure point in your ear that releases endorphines.

                            I used the patch and stayed off for 4 months, until I let my buddy talk me into a cigar that I wouldn't be inhaling.

                            My aunt used Zyban and has been off of smokes for 2 years, so I might give it a shot.

                            The gum? Don't waste your time.

                            "Stand in front of a mirror and watch yourself smoke an entire cigarette.... really watch yourself, and think of the mechanics of what you are doing. You will see how stupid it looks."

                            That works?

                            What adult doesn't know what is actually happening? And I've seen myself smoke a bunch of times, never gave a damn. Sorry if I sound negative, but I just don't see how that would help at all.

                            I'm a hardcore smoker.........last time I qualified, I did part of it with a cigarette in my mouth. I figured the odds were good that I'd have one in my mouth if I need to go to the gun, so why not be realistic?

                            [ 11-01-2002, 10:15 AM: Message edited by: Niteshift ]


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                              Originally posted by Niteshift:
                              What adult doesn't know what is actually happening?

                              Apparantly quite a few, since cigarette companies have paid huge settlements to people for not telling them the dangers of smoking.

                              I'm not one to tell you how to quit since I never started, but I've got several friends who smoked & then tried to quit. Some were successful & claimed cold turkey was the only way to go. A couple of them went 6-8 years without a cigarette & said they felt SO-O-O much better off cigarettes. But they always had the craving & one little incident sent them back to smoking. Now after a year & a half of smoking, one of them has decided to stop again. The other says she'll never stop.

                              Best of luck to you. I hope you do gather the will power & stop once & for all. You will feel better. You may not live any longer (anyone can get hit by a bus at any time) but you'll have a few more dollars in your pocket.


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