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Here come more looneys!!


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  • Here come more looneys!!

    This was forwarded to me. I thought you might enjoy it. "Get out the OC and riot gear Martha, we're havin' a party!!!"

    **Millions at Risk of Starvation as Winter Approaches**

    Act to save Afghan lives by taking a direct action in a public location in
    your area. This "Day of Urgency" will bring national attention to the need
    to stop bombing so that food aid can be distributed in Afghanistan before
    the onset of winter. We urge you to participate with us, or organize your
    own local event, to demand that we stop the bombing.

    In San Francisco, we are staging a direct action at KRON, a TV station, to
    ensure media coverage (*details at end of this email). We urge you to
    demonstrate anywhere, and in any way that will be covered by the media. San
    Francisco activists are organizing street theater, including a symbolic
    "die-in," and vigil to mourn victims everywhere. Other cities are holding
    candlelight vigils to send the message that the bombing must be stopped now
    so food can be brought to the Afghan people.

    Please join this call to action!.

    *Details of San Francisco action:

    What: "Die-In" and Creative Resistance (People lie on
    the ground to represent the deaths of innocent victims
    in the US and around the world. Others hold signs of
    mourning and of remembering, and others hold candles.)

    Where: KRON TV station, 1001 Van Ness (at O'Farrell), San Francisco

    When: Thursday, November 8, join us any time between 3 and

    What are these people smokin' while sitting around the Kubayaa campfire??

    I'll post, You argue.

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    I hate these people. I would say, "Don't get me started, but oh well."

    The peace lovers sit around and think we don't see the logic here.

    Well, I do. Logic is simply of no use with some enemies, and this is one of them. You CAN'T apply logic to anything about them. They sit in SELF-PROCLAIMED intellectual circles, and think we are the hicks here, when in fact, it is the other way around.

    Logic says that ANY violence is stupid. I'll be the FIRST to agree with that!

    This has nothing to do with "submitting" to them (as the self same liberals would have a woman do to a sexual assault,) and HOPING they will then leave us alone to be our own country again. This is this simple-either we can fight back and teach them a lesson, and make them an example, or stand in line and let EVERY half-a**, third world, mud-hole country impose IT'S will on us.

    They hate us. They will do everything they can to destroy us-that's been proven. How long will we stand for it? And how many will die while our "kumbaya" types sit idly and "think" about it.

    No this is not my advocating wholesale slaughter of all persons, but contrary to the "thinker" point of view, it might not be possible to come up with a way to have both-a full fledged all out war (against the combatants only), AND continued uninterrupted food aid.

    If that's the case, then so be it. Let's go for the full fledged all out war. I will sleep well at night. Too bad they can’t. I do NOT accept that they are just “being humanitarian” here. By calling for a halt in the bombing, THEY ARE UNDERMINING OUR EFFORT AGAINST TERRORISM. What can be their motivation in doing that? I have no clue! And don’t bother trying to explain to me differently-no amount of peace, love, joy, and kumbaya logic will EVER change my mind that they are trying to undermine our country. They are quick to yell “logic”(which is highly suspect and subjective at best) and “freedom of expression,” and “just another opinion.”

    I know that FROM A LEGAL STANDPOINT, each citizen has a right to disagree; it's just that in this case, why would you want to disagree? If someone is so prejudiced toward pacifism, then how are they qualified to enter into a discussion on warfare in the first place? Their answer is predetermined.

    I can simplify my position as this: I TRULY think this is an issue that if you are not part of the solution, then YOU are part of the problem.
    People have more fun than anybody.


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      To them, I say move out of the country for a little while. Once we get rid of the threat, and it's safe again, come on back home.


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        Moving to: "War On Terrorism"
        [email protected] "Where there is love, there is no imposition"- Albert Einstien.


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