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Sad drug busts


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  • Sad drug busts

    Here where I live, I know of 2 cops arrested concerning drugs.
    One became dependent on codeine when he had a back injury. When he could get no more, he would call a bomb threat into a pharmacyand be the first on the scene. He'd get everyone out of the store then go back and take prescription pain meds It was finally figured out because someone noticed he was always the first one on scene.
    Just yesterday, another cop was arrested. He had a prescription for Vidocin, 30 tablets. But, he put a "2" on front of the 3, making it look like 230 tablets.
    It must be so hard for cops to have to arrest another cop.

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    Yeah I know the feeling...A few of ours went down with the Prescription thing..one of which I went to the academy with....How bad does your life have to be to throw away a job like this? I took it personal when they got busted since it makes teh whole dept. look like a bunch of idiots. Yeah maybe that is a selfish statement but, through the eyes of John Q Public, but during that time whenever I walked into a pharmacy in uniform I got looks up and down....And we also had a bank robbing cop too, and that was worse than the Prescription incident! You know how hard it was to cash my paycheck!!!!!


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      Knew a good cop who was an ex-Green Beret, excellent service record-good record in uniform, and went into CID.

      He became addicted to vicodin after an injury, and using his part time employment at a pharmacy (????) stole some. He got caught, and admitted his crime. It's sad. he did do some rehab, and is now back in LE in another part of the State.
      People have more fun than anybody.


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        I saw some stats a while back that claimed that more people were addicted and had life causing problems from legal prescription drugs than the illegal ones. I won't say anymore lest I bring up a taboo subject already brought up by Mike Sullivan in another topic.


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          Any possession drug bust of an otherwise law-abiding citizen is sad, regardless of whether or not he/she's an LEO.

          But this topic is taboo. Debating drug laws with LEO's is like debating deforestation with logger's; it's their bread and butter, so there is a conflict of interest, so you really can't have a rational discussion.

          As far as the same pro/con arguments going round and round, this is very true and it is tiresome. But the truth is the truth, no matter how repetitive it is.
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