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    Anyone catch last nights episode?

    It is getting to be a bit much for my taste. Hollywood has taken the 'Bad Cop' image and some members of society (due to their lack of education) think that this is exactly what Law Enforcement is. This show depicts a Detective (among others) who can get away with anything and see no repercussions as a result.

    In other words, they have gone overboard and need to get off the whole crooked cop issue.

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    I don't know, Godside...that was actually the first one that I really enjoyed!


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      Considering Armadillo RAPED that little girl, I think he got off kinda lucky....

      Vic does what a lot of cops DREAM about:

      Taking the 'war' to the BGs and taking the 'spoils' for themselves.

      Hypothetical case in point: What 'incentive' is it for the patrol guys to bust their chops making drug arrests, when any $$$/property seized is taken by another interdepartmental branch and used for THEIR benefit?

      This DOES NOT imply that I condone Vic's behavior, but it IS understandable, and at times, enjoyable to watch.
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        I had to turn away when Vic pressed Armadillo's face into the hot red burner. *ick*. That was a bit much, but considering his people burns people alive...

        This show is pure Hollywood, and it's on late at night. If you don't like it, don't watch it. I can tell reality from fiction.
        "It is easier for a king to have a lie believed than a beggar to spread the truth."---Robert Strecker


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          They should have killed Armadillo. He's going to come back to haunt them. He's smart, vindictive, and psycho enough to come back and do something really sadistic. When Vic said that he'd be seeing him (Armadillo) and Armadillo said "I know" I wouldn't be suprised to find out that he had hidden cameras in his house. Why else would he be there alone and not put up some kind of fight.
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            Originally posted by Frogman:
            [QB] More so than I would've been....that's the one thing that sets me off, don't EVER put your hands on me & shove me around.

            Last guy that did, a 'Roided out bodybuilder all drunk & looking to fight the big guy-*me*, I opened his face up for him and it took EMS to put his nose back together.

            is he still in tracton down at St. E's???
            I'll post, You argue.


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              I have watched The Shield a few times, and I know my reaction sounds stupid. I don't really like the show but I can't force myself to stop watching. I don't like it because I think it is insulting and because of the violence like yesterday, but I have to keep watching to see what happens to Mackey when the show is cancelled. Does he see the error of his ways and reform, get killed or simply disappear like James Hoffa? And I also want to know how they resolve the situation with his wife. I don't think he really loves her but doesn't want her to leave because everyone will find out about his girlfriend (to put it politely) and that would destroy his fake respectability image.


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                I think it's a good show. Sure, Hollywood will make us look bad but that's expected. Just remember, everyone hates us until they need us......



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                  Gotta remember two things:

                  1)It's just a TV show.

                  b)Even if one takes it somewhat seriously it still only depicts one cop(OK group of cops), not all cops.

                  3)Anyone who gets there ideas on law enforcement from a TV show is an idiot.

                  Two people can keep a secret if one of them is dead.


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                    Frogman,i like ya.

                    yeah, vic has crossed the line (totally).

                    he shoulda killed homeboy or done something.

                    what was interesting, is there is time inbetween the episodes (in reference to his wife/kids) and each episode seems to be 1-2 months between.

                    this is interesting, as the first season seemed to show a weekly type of work.

                    whatever, it IS just a show but dang, streets would be a little cleaner doing stuff Vic-style.

                    anyways, when i become a LEO, i already know this stuff will get you yelled at, fired, jailed or killed.

                    it ain't worth it, by the book.......
                    Luke 3:14
                    Then some soldiers asked him [Jesus], "And what should we do?" He replied, "Don't extort money and don't accuse people falsely–be content with your pay."


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