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mutual aid bomb squad


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  • mutual aid bomb squad

    We had our neighboring county bring it's bomb squad to a local bone yard to blow up an old car to show the effect of a bomb on a vehicle. The local wrecking yard was to leave a old vehicle out for ou use. When we arrive we see an old beat up chevy sitting there, did not have front plates on it and did not notice the temporary tags on it either. Needless to say the car is wired up and fire in the hole is yelled three times. The caris blown up, out of nowhere an elderly gentleman comes running up to us yelling "that's my care, you blew my car up". He was serious, we did on accident. The bone yard gave him a reconditioned new car at no cost to him! Thought it was funny and would share it with you.

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    LOL. That is so funny. Of course, the poor guy didn't think it was too funny. I guess no one thought to ask if that was the correct car beforehand?
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      About 12 years ago, our Bomb Squad put on a school about recognizing explosives, etc. Included was a demonstration similar to that described above.

      Three different cars were obtained from a local wrecker service and wired with three different types of explosives to show what the differences were.

      When the time came for the demos, there was quite an audience of S.O. employees (secretaries, dispatchers and so forth).

      As the fuse was lit on the first car, one of the dispatchers did a double-take and said "That's my car" as it blew into the air. (For those that know, it was loaded with 10 lbs of anfo). She had left it with the wrecker service for repairs.

      Needless to say, the wrecker provided her another car, since they were the ones that made the error. (she wanted another car anyway).
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        Talk about Ooooops


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          My favorite bomb story of all times is the news footage of the beached whale up on the Oregon coast.

          Some smart guy had he bright idea to blow up a dead whale becuase cutting it up was such a hassle. They loaded up about 1000lbs of Dynamite around poor Moby and let er rip. There was a quite a crowd gathered around to see the event. Heck I would have been there to see it.

          For those not in the know Dynamite is a slow explosion compared to C-4 and TNT. Putting more dynamite does not break things up into smaller pieces, it merely takes broken pieces and pushes them farther.

          As a consquence the explosion took Moby and broke him up in to many rather large pieces and then rained those pieces all over the crowd. Some of the pieces even destroyed cars parked in the area.

          More proof that a little knowledge is a dangerous thing.
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            I remember a few years back that the (hometown,Wyoming) Sheriff's Office purchased gas canister/munitions canister launche rifle. The "launcher" arrived and out they all went out to the country side, found an old broken down,homesteders, cabin to test fire the canisters threw the window ( of course there was no glass). Needless to say when the deputies fired the rounds and they whent off, the wind picked up and caused a building fire which spread to a sagebrush and grass fire.


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