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You won't believe what we did


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  • You won't believe what we did

    You had our inground pool demolished. We have had it 20 years and had just had enough of the expense and cleaning. My husband refused to put a screened enclosure over it because he like it out in the open. That caused many problems. It required constant cleaning and even so, we had 4 pumps burn out.
    March is the worst time for leaves and I told my husband I just could not deal with the pool anymore. The demolishers were here a week later and we now have our backyard back! YAY! Do I miss the pool? NOOOOOOOOOOOO!

    [ 03-06-2003, 12:14 PM: Message edited by: Mitzi1 ]

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    Whenever I've gone down to Florida, I've noticed that just about every house with a pool has a screened in enclosure around it. Is this some kind of law or is it just done to keep out bugs?


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      Bugs and leaves and dirt. I might not have wanted this done but I got sick of cleaning the dang thing. A house with a pool isn't necessarily worth more because many people, like me, hate the things. We got our use out of it for 20 years but I honestly do not miss it. My recent heart attack would have stopped me from doing as much heavy work as it sometimes took. And the money drain is gone. Just on chemicals it wa like 70$ a month. We got a pool cleaning company and that was 125$ a month. So we will recoup our expense quickly.

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        From MY Cold, Dead Hands! I will never give up my pool!

        I have an above ground, had 3 heart attacks and do all my own maintenance. Well, almost all. I had the liner replaced last year.

        You`re right, the only way it increases the value of the house is if the new owner wants it. Otherwise it`s a liability.

        I run it 24 hours with a heater and it is expensive. You can always put in a small above ground if you miss it.
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          Florida! Florida! Florida! lol
          This pool was humongous. It took up almost all the back yard. We used it so much, especially when our son was young. We had a lot of friends! lol Twenty years later though, it was just too much work. If I could have gotten my husband to put a screen enclosure over it, I might not have wanted this. But he was real stubborn about it. It was nice on a beautiful Florida day.....but all those days of sheaths of leaves and dirt...aarrgghhhh!
          It's so nice not having to worry about it any more. We have little kids on both sides of it and they were getting really curious about it. I found toys in it all the time.


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            Many people around here spend NO money cleaning up their pool. They use a cooper anode about 6 inches long and 1 wide by a 1/4 thick with a 12 volt charge on it.

            It keeps the water crystal clear as copper is a natural pathogen and disease killer.

            No clorine, no chemicals. Its cheap and it works like a charm. Unfortunatley, the pool companys have pretty much squelched the info on it since it cuts into their chemical selling buisness.

            [ 03-06-2003, 09:13 PM: Message edited by: Watchman ]
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              Yeah but you still gotta deal with the leaves and the bugs in the water...

              My best friend in high school's family had a great in-ground pool. we enjoyed it alot, but i do remember her mom every day walking around with the skimmer getting out the leaves and bugs. after the kids grew up and moved out, and her husband died, the pool was always covered and never used. i dont see many around here with screenhouses over them.

              I was banned from above-ground pools as a child, after about 20 ear infections from them [Frown]
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