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Here is a good drunk driver story


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  • Here is a good drunk driver story

    My boy (22) got stopped and blew .11. Bad. He has NEVER been a moments trouble to either of us at anytime, other than this. In my opinion this change in him was due to the job he held at a pizzaria around here. Of course we do realize he was responsible for his actions, no matter how others tried to influence him. When he turned 21 he came in the front door after getting off work with about 5 quarts of assorted alcohol. I was suprised to say the least. I figured he'd come home with a couple of beers.

    He started drinking reglarly and hanging out with the bosses at work who were the ones who gave him all the booze. He would be their designated driver when they would go to all the clubs around here. He then began to drive after drinking as these fellows encouraged him he could have just a few and be ok. He got stopped one night for having an expired inspection sticker. He then blew the aforementioned .11.

    He lost his priveledge to drive for 60 days and his income has suffered as a result. He has had his phone turned off and has had problems with paying his other bills also. We have offered him no help except talking to him about his error in dui, and taking him to work occasionally.

    Now, it has been 4 or 5 months roughly since all this happened. He has stopped drinking and has said he will never drink again. He is getting first hand experience at what it means to have fair weather friends. He no longer works at the pizzaria and has returned to work for me at our business. He has arranged on his own a loan to go to school and study computer networking and engineering which is a 15 month course to begin with, which he started last month and is mking the highest grades possible, after a lackluster public school performance.

    I am thankful the police stopped him when they did. We could do nothing with these bad habits by ourself as we were seen as too old to understand, if you know what I mean. I shudder to think of the things that could have happened if he had been involved in an injury accident or had caused a death by drinking. He knew better he said, but peer pressure got him. He was so lucky and now, thanks to a diligent officer, we have our son back!

    So you see, Stuart, you do make a difference.

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    Mike...thanks for sharing that. I know it couldn't have been easy, but it's good to see how he got around his obstacle and can see the big picture. Good luck to him and yourself.


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      Ny son was designated driver also after his friends convinced him all he had to do was wait an hour after drinking. aarrgghhhhh...this is when he was 21. Why parents get gray hair!


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        Thanks FLL.


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          Glad to hear all is turning out for the better. I've made a career decision to relentlessly chase down drunk drivers. In the beginning the cops look like the bad guys, but as this illustrates and as I've seen many times in the past....most people will not get the help they need unless they get caught....


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            No matter how we raise our kids, eventually as adults the decisions they make become their own. We can advise and support, be there when the chips are up or down.

            Unfortunately they sometimes learn the hard way. The important thing is they learn.

            Sounds like you did a great job and that your son has learned!


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              Thanks for sharing that. Looks like it is working out for the best after all! I remember when this happened, you were ready to "moider de bum" but refrained from doing so. Aren't you glad now?

              I remember when one of mine backed MY pickup truck into a mine shaft! But that is another story. . .
              6P1 (retired)


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                I had a friedn whose son took their brand new van out after they went to bed. He and his friends had some beers and backed the van into a pole big time. When my friend went to get the paper the next morning, he almost had heart failure and assumed someone had done while it was parked in the driveway.
                When the cops came, the first thing they asked was, "Do you have any teenagers or young adults living with you?"
                Sure enough, it was their middle son. And they hadn't even taken the beer bottles out of the van!
                I think he only got to breathe air for the next six months.


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                  Solid Mike. Know it had to be tough on you and the wife.

                  There is a local pizzia joint that was run by a former Marine mess cook. Great pizza, good to cops, firefighters, etc. He died of the Big C about two yeasr ago. His kid runs the place now.

                  Every week we seem to haul in three or four of the workers for underage drinking, drug offenses, etc. I don't think the son is directly involved, but he does not do enough to control it.

                  Your story and that situation are enough to keep me from letting my kids work in a pizza joint while they live at home.

                  Hope you son realizes he was lucking in getting pulled over.
                  LEO and Smoke Eater
                  Former Marine


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                    Semperfi, thanks. He realizes he got another chance. We can really see a difference in him. We are very fortunate, and he is as well.

                    One of the lures of the pizza driver is that they make very good money for what they do. I was surprised about that. Sometimes Mike would come home with 60 or 70 bucks in tips.

                    Thank you all for your kind words.

                    PS. Please don't think there is anything wrong with me because I am being nice.

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