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  • Miliatry Police

    Looking to talk to any mp's or np , you can e-mail me or private message me, i am looking to talk with anyone who has information as i am considinging joining these services. Thanks
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    I know the the Army MP corp has always been under staffed and over tasked. I would ask you what you are looking for in joining. If you are looking for police work, join the Airforce. The Army and Marine Corps spend a lot of time playing soldier in the dirt. Don't know anything about the Navy.


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      "If you are looking for police work, join the Airforce. The Army and Marine Corps spend a lot of time playing soldier in the dirt."

      That depends on your assignments. During the time I was in the MP Corps, I can count on one hand the number of times I had to go sleep in a tent. By far, my time was spent driving Gran Fury's, running radar, arresting DUI's and breaking up fights at the clubs.

      Then when I got into investigations....... hell, the uniform didn't even come out of the closet.


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        I can second Niteshift's comments. My FTO was an MP stationed at the Presidio smack dab in the middle of San Fran for nearly his entire tour. They did everything the local guys did.
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          Originally posted by DA Police II:
          If you are looking for police work, join the Airforce.

          I don't know about that. I know several Air Force SPs and they say that most of their time is spent providing perimiter security at flight lines than doing anything else. Their role is more of a physical security one, although they do have normal LE roles at AF bases.


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            I'll give you a Canadian MP's perspective on Military Police work, I would imagine it's somewhat similar to American MP's, but I'm not sure.

            To begin with, I went to basic training where I learn basic military knowldge, drill, and basically getting yelled at for 8 weeks. During basic training, I was lumped in with all military trades and elements (Army, Navy, Air force).

            I then went on to the Military Police Acadeny for 27 weeks, again, all elements were present at this phase of training. At the Academy I learned the MP trade, Criminal Code offences (Canadian laws), use of force, police proceedures, and battle craft. There was a lot more involved, this is just a condensed version.

            In the Canadian system it does not matter what element your are assigned to, Air Force, Army, or Navy, we all do the same job. For example, I'm Navy but I'm posted to a Army base; I'm in the middle of the country with no water for 500 miles in any direction! Canadian MP's can serve on any base, or serve on a field platoon, regardless of what element they are.

            The Canadian MP's have two main taskings, base policing and field policing. The base side, what I'm currently doing, involves inforcing all Canadian Law on military establishments. We have the same police powers as civilian police services, we are classified as peace officers persuant to the Criminal Code of Canada. Within the base side, MP's can get involved in plain clothed investigations, undercover work, drug units, surveillance, counter intel, and Embacy security.

            Field policing involves support of combat operations. MP's are posted to a field platoon which main responsilbility is support of a battle group. These responsibilites include, POW escort, taffic control points, security, and organize troup movements. Note, Canadian MP's have many more responibilites, but again, I'm giving you the condesed version.

            Canadian MP's, regardless of if you are Army, Navy, Air Force, can be posted to either base policing or a field platoon. Infact, I've just volunteered to go to Afganistan in support of our troops.

            I recommend the Military Police, even if you only use it for a stepping stone to get onto a civie force. I will tell you this however, no civie force will give you the opportunity to see the world, fly in helicopters, fly in planes, serve on a ship, and play with a whole bunch cool weapons.

            Serving also will give you a feeling of pride, a sense of making a difference. In these time we live in it makes me feel even more proud to serve my country, as it will for you to serve yours.

            Good luck



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              I am like Night (but I can count my time in the field on 1 finger ) I have spent my entire MP time doing Garrison duty. And more then likely will never leave my current assignment until I get out.


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                "I am like Night (but I can count my time in the field on 1 finger)"

                I was counting those 2 camping trips in Basic and MP school as two of mine


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