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Dallas Mayor Ron Kirk, POS


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  • Dallas Mayor Ron Kirk, POS

    It has been reported that Dallas Mayor Ron Kirk is very likely going to resign his job as mayor and pursue the soon to be vacated seat that will be left by Phil Graham. This really ****es me off. This PUNK just got re-elected to serve the city of Dallas, and now he's gonna quit.

    Now, I am glad he will quit because in my opinion he is a lying un-American racist pos, but the point is he was elected to do a job and now he's gonna quit. When will people stop buying these lying politicians crap?

    Look for the b*tch Hillary to do the same thing in 2007. If she's re-elected. As stupid as people are she could be president. In my opinion she won't jump ship in 2004, but she'll wait if and until she's re-elected by the morons who did it the first time, and THEN she'll quit. You watch.

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    Dont hold back, Mike. Tell us how you really feel.


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      People have more fun than anybody.


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        If politicians weren't soory enough, when they ditch the job they have for another, that is LOW!


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          Personally, I would be glad to see Ron Kirk resign as Mayor of Dallas. I don't think he's got the political base to get elected Senator. I know I won't vote for him. I doubt that anyone outside the Dallas area really know who he is.

          As far as I can tell, he hasn't done anything positive for law enforcement. I have some other negative opinions about him that have to do with his associations with Al Lipscomb, John Wiley Price and Terrell Bolton.

          I think he should just go away. Very far away.

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            He has a stink around him concerning the bogus hate crimes law that has passed, and the very likely bogus hate crime that alledgedly occured at his church in the days before the vote on the hate crimes bill.

            Also, a local radio talk show host pretty much made Kirk show his true colors when said talk show host showed up a a city council metting dressed as George Washington.

            Kirk became unglued and publicly threatened this guy with his job and few other unpleasntries. When the public was turning up the heat on this pos, he (kirk) turned off his email so he wouldn't have to read what the people who voted for him think.

            He also stinks right along with Cheif Bolton amid the many scandels at DPD. The firing of several officers has cost taxpayers at least 5 million dollars and probably will cost more when it's all over.

            And who is at the helm amid all this? Ron Kirk.


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              I understand what you're saying, Mike, but, um, George Bush did the same thing after he was re-elected Gov. And I for one am glad he did. I'd hate to think of who might be at the helm in DC right now if he hadn't.
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                What exactly did he do?


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                  Mike, you do have to remember one thing though. It's still Dallas. Who cares?? Everybody knows that Houston is such a better city!!



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                    Yes, Kathy Whitmire is a BABE! God she's hot!


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