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Did anyone watch The Shield last night?


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  • Did anyone watch The Shield last night?

    It was an interesting show last night, albeit not as exciting as the usual episodes. I feel like I "know" the characters a little better now. Poor Dutch, he can't get a break in his professional or personal life.

    I just started watching the show recently but I've been catching up, thanks to season one on DVD.

    Did anyone else watch the show last night? If so, what did you think of it?

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    I thought it was interesting too.

    I always had the feel that the Strike team had been together longer and that Vic was the more solid choice for it.

    Here is the problem I have though........

    They brought in the member who was killed in episode one already. He was brought in before Vic et al have begun taking money from Rondell etc.


    In episode one, he was new to the team and hadn't gone on a single raid with them. The team already had trust etc. and he was just getting known.

    Seems like a continuity error to me.


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      Didn't Terry get introduced in the first episode as the clubhouse door closed; as if the final scene of last night's episode led to the pilot? Even still, that was a continuity error.

      I still have a hard time believing that Dutch is a veteran officer. He acts like a rookie in the first week of the academy. At least that was finally stopped in the last couple weeks.

      Doesn't Farmington district have any sergeants and lieutenants? Captain Assinvader micromanages every aspect of that station.

      Last night was set 14 months earlier. If that is the case, how can Julian still be in training on current episodes? No one's FTO training is that long.

      I liked the symbolism of putting the Farmington cops into a church.

      It was a pretty tame episode, kind of a palate cleanser after the Armadillo situation.
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        Last night was set 14 months earlier. If that is the case, how can Julian still be in training on current episodes? No one's FTO training is that long.

        That's what I said, too, when I saw him in the briefing.

        If memory serves, Terry was introduced at the pool party, but there was dialogue that he was finally going inside not just driving. It also seems like there may be another episode or two missing mostly to explain his role and a better establishment of Rondell's relationship.

        After hearing Dutchboy's history, it's a wonder he's not any more f'd up than what he already is!

        My big thing is why the flashback episode. Is it leading up to a new story line? Maybe bringing back an old story line? Could this foreshadow someone finding out about the team's skeletons?

        After seeing the way Aceveda treated Vic from the get-go, it's no wonder Vic turned the way he did. All it took after that was one bad turn after another. What an f'ing p****! I never liked him to begin with and I really despise him now. The team was trudging forward with not only the one case on their mind but visions of the big picture and cultivating C.I.'s and all Aceveda wants to do is assert his power.

        Not the best episode I've seen, but after all that's been going on it's a good change of pace.


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          Niteshift, I too thought the strike team had been together for a long time. Vic plants a gun on the guy Curtis shot and he feels certain no one will squeal? Wow, that must be some kinda trust they have going on there!  -

          Ateamer, I was asking my husband the same thing last night about Acevada. That guy really gets around! He needs to learn to delegate a bit more or otherwise he's gonna run out of steam real quick!

          And Dutch! What a riot!  - He kills me. I thought it was so funny when he arrived two hours late. Next to Vic, he's my favorite character. The poor schlub can never get a break.

          FLLawdog, I totally agree with you about Acevada's treatment of Vic. If Vic went straight by the book he'd never catch anyone, what with Acevada breathing down his neck at every turn. I'm tired of that airbag already. He's really trying to hammer Vic and I don't like it.  -


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            I completely forgot to set the PVR to record it. I guess I'll catch it next time around.

            Does anybody know of anytime FX does replays other than immediately after the first airing?
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              Sunday night 10:00 pm EST.


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