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And you think LAPD has it bad


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  • And you think LAPD has it bad

    Imagine working a probation department that has 3 juvenile halls and 18 camps. Now imagine that at one of the facilities the staff is attacked by several detainees (minors) which in turn causes practically the rest of the detainees to join the melee. The instigators were of course documented gang members with history of assaulting police and the like. Of course an investigation is forthcoming, but to have the head of the department come into that very facility to interview the detainees with questions like, "Did staff start the incident," and "Did you see staff hit the detainees in question?"

    Maybe it's just me, but doesn't something sound wrong here? I can understand covering all aspects. But the same chief visits his facilities and would rather talk to the detainees rather than the staff. How does one respectably call oneself a peace officer and hold a straight face with an administration such as that?

    I just needed to share. I'm so disturbed

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    I think something isn't right here. I'd start looking for a new agency to work. It's not to good when a Chief doesn't back his men and the investagation hasn't been finished.
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