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  • Lawyer Bashing

    I usually avoid lawyer bashing but I'm ticked off.

    I have been involved in a law suit against my department for over two years. At various stages, the lawyers involved have said that my case was strong and that I had gathered far more evidence than is typical in this kind of case.

    Although I don't practice law, I am a licensed attorney. My personal opinion is that my case is strong and that I have sufficient evidence to prevail. I've read a good deal of case law relating to this issue and the vast amount seems to support my position.

    Several laymen friends are familiar with my case. They are generally shocked and appalled by some of the things that my department (under the previous administration) has done. All of the laymen who are familiar with my case feel that it is a "slam-dunk" case.

    A few weeks ago, my attorney asked for more money. I promptly paid. The check was cashed.

    Yesterday, I spoke with one of the partners at the law firm on the telephone. He said that I don't have a case and that his firm wants to withdraw from the case. He raised several possible areas of weakness in the case. When I provided answers and pointed out relevant evidence, he became evasive.

    At times, this case has involved numerous potential plaintiffs. My feeling is that this litigation has become more expensive and time consuming than the lawyer had ever anticipated. My belief is that they want to take any way out that they possibly can even if this would hurt their clients (including me).

    Frankly, I'm very angry about the entire thing. My opinion is that the lawyers involved are incompetent and completely lacking in ethics. I can't believe that it would take them over two years to decide that I don't have a case, that they would ask for more money, and then seek to withdraw.

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      Sorry but as a cop, you should know it is hard to ask other cops to feel any sympathy for an attorney who is getting ripped off by other attorneys.


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        "If it was such a good case, why couldn't/didn't you find a guy to take it on a contingency basis?"

        Must be different in your area. Around here, the only contingency cases involve insurance companies. The rest are pay as you go.

        Of course, contingency fee deals only with the attorney's fee. You still have expenses to pay along the way.

        Judicial whores. That's all they are. Underdog, you know few bash the legal profession more than I do. Welcome to the ranks.


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          Originally posted by Frank Booth:

          "If it was such a good case, why couldn't/didn't you find a guy to take it on a contingency basis?"

          It is fairly common for attorneys to accept cases on a contingency basis with the understanding that the client will pay specific fees (such as court filing fees) as they arise. In my case, the attorney accepted the case on a contingency base. After I paid a small initial fee, one of the partners at the firm promised that they would not ask for any more money to cover fees. Thus, I was shocked and angry when the firm later asked for more money.


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            My son had a very honest lawyer in his divorce. His ex-wife was such a b!tch about everything, he gave him a 25% discount, saving him almost 400$. His ex-wife almost split a gut.


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              "My opinion is that the lawyers involved are incompetent and completely lacking in ethics."

              I have never heard of such a thing...


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