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    Having just returned from two weeks in the US it appears there’s something big going on in Baseball at the moment. What I don’t understand is how can a competition that’s called The World Series only have one country in it? Could it be that the Americans have seen the mistakes made by the English and Cricket, i.e. invent a game, invite the rest of the world to play, and then loose to everyone! Never mind, stiff upper lip and all that. The American answer appears to be don’t invite any other country to play, and then they can’t loose!

    What about Football?
    Now anyone with a simple command of the English language must be able to understand that Football is a game played with the feet and a ball, not a game when you pick it up and run with it! I’m not a great football fan myself; Rugby’s more for me. Now there’s a game that is named after the place where it was invented, seems fair enough. The rest of the world seems to understand what football is, but in the USA they don’t seem to have grasped this. The obvious answer is that the game called football in the US has to be renamed. Any suggestions?

    I vote for softball. Not because the ball is soft, but anyone who needs to put on 3 inches of padding and a helmet before they go onto the pitch must be soft!

    Remember it’s only a game.

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    Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe our (USA) equivalent to your football is what we call soccer

    [ 11-02-2001: Message edited by: Summer Rain ]


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      Let's be realistic about this. I'll use baseball as an example. If all, or most, Countries were involved in the World Series, travel time alone would make the season last for the entire year. It's virtually impossible to have all of these Countries participate in one Sport. That's what the Olympics is for and look at the planning it takes for that event to happen. btw... You can call the World Series what eva ya want... you can have anyone participate in it... but it will still be held in Da Bronx!!! Okay, so maybe I'm a little partial to the Yanks.
      Chaos, panic and work here is done!


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        Introduced cricket to the world??? Who else wanted it? We took it & made it more interesting & called it baseball. It's an American game, "the American passtime". Maybe we were a little big-headed calling it the World Series but we let Canada play with us.

        And maybe we did steal, uh, borrow the name football but the game started out as a kicking game. It was reshaped from rugby just to make it more interesting.

        We had to have more interesting games, more active. Sure rugby is rough, but who wants to watch a bunch of men group hugging each other up & down the field. You can't even see the ball carrier. Soccer, sorry, football is somewhat interesting but it's just hockey on grass without any fights. Back & forth, back & forth, ho hum. (Okay, it was a lot of fun when I was playing it.)
        And cricket? 'Nuff said.


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          The best players from around the world in baseball play in the US. Sounds reason enough to call it the World Series to me.
          In God we trust, all others are run MILES and NCIC.


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            Hey Gilbert, the USA will consider your suggestions when you guys start driving on the correct side of the road!!


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              Well every year the Little League World series is held in Williamsport, Pa. and we doinvite the whole world.

              This year the team from Japan won!


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                Let us call a spade a spade! I've seen your rugby, and it's some guys in shorts hugging each other in the mud on a rainy day

                In criket the white uniforms are still white at the end of the game, so whats the point of the game

                American football is true sport. Clear winners under great pressures and everything moving along at high speed.

                In short, one can take a sleeping pill or attend an english game

                Jim Burnes


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                  Let me just say this: BOOOOOOOO, Yankees! lol
                  We are a Braves family around here.


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                    Mitzi, we have no problems with you rooting for the hit some Holes in one,some birdies and maybe cheer for them at the tennis courts, cause THEEEEEEE Yankeeeeeeeeees are gonna WWWWIIIINNNNNN!!
                    Don't give up control for speed.
                    Wear your vest, Wear your seatbelt.
                    My heart goes out to the victims and their families of the 9/11/01 tragedy. You are all in my prayers, "Gone But not Forgotten".


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