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    I have a neighbor that has a tree in their front yard. The tree is right next to my property line and half of it's huge branches cover my driveway and it drops leaves in the fall and drips sap and pollen all over my cars. I had a tree company come give me an estimate to prune the tree back to my property line and it was $255 bucks. I approached the neighbor and spoke to their 18 year old daughter as her parents were not home at the time. I informed her that I was going to prune the tree back to my property line and stated that I wanted to let them know before I started. Se had no objection.

    A few days later I cut two of the lowest branches off and the woman (18 yr old's mother) that owns the house came out all upset asking me what I was doing. She demanded that I not cut any more branches off and stated that before I cut any of the limbs back again I should contact her in writing. I only cut the branchs back to my property line.

    Any opinions?

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    You should have MY neighbor.....

    A couple of years ago, my widowed neighbor got herself a boyfriend...who is in the 'materials reclamation' business. In other words, he brings home everyone's JUNK! It's embarrassing to have friends over. My county commissioners and health dept and zoning board won't do ANYthing about it, either.

    Anyone got a match....?
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      We actually had a lawsuit similiar to this go through J.P. Court. The lady who got her tree pruned back to the property line lost the suit.
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        Tell her you will:

        1) Cut her limbs off your property for no charge
        2)Contact that tree trimming business and send her the bill
        3) Take her to JP court for the damage to your vehicle's paint/finish

        Her choice. Then go ahead and cut the branches.
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          Anyone got a match....?

          Oh Yes!!!, I have the neighbor from hell too. I was nineteen when i bought my first house. And my neighbors kids were the cutest little things. Well they are not cute anymore. I have lived here for 11 years now. The youngest thinks he is Mario Andretti. I hear peeling tires, reving engines, extremely loud music. ( the nasty kind). We have repeatedly asked them to cease and desist. When we bought the house it was kinda nice but needed some work so we slaved and asved for years. Now we cxan afford to fix things as they happen.Well the neighbors are twice our age and still cannot do this. So i told my husband lets put up a block fence to buffer some of the noise. It did not work and the lady now thinks the block wall belongs to her. We have gone round and round over the whole thing. She is claiming that the corner is on her property. Yeah whatever.! I am not going to spend $4000 to accidently put the wall on her property. I asked her when she was going to put up her side of the fence, and she says "why should i you already did." It's hell living next to them. My husband works nights and i work days. He never gets sleep and i never get sleep because this little punk is at it 24/7. The neighbor on the other side of me went over to complain about the tire peeling and they rewarded him with more of it. Now whenever the punks friends come over they peel out too. When i go to work i have to hear it from the neighborhood people about how i have the most undesirable neighbor. Duh!!

          Anybody ever invested in theses things called rollashields for thier windows. It supposed to block 80% of the outside noise. And before anybody says "why don't you just move" I refuse to give up my $500 dollar a month house payment and start paying the $1000 plus everyone is now asking for a new home. And i now have a great home with all the fixing we did to it. I just wish we could get the scum next door to move.
          "To each his own"


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