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  • Child Molesters

    It is my opinion that society is too easy on these pieces of crap, anyone who is convicted of child molestation should be sentenced to death. I also believe that the parents of the victim should be able to have at least one hour of time with the "chester" and due as they wish during that time. I work in a prison and I'll tell you one thing right now, I would rather walk the yard with 1000 murders than walk the yard with one "chester" it makes me sick to even have to talk to them let alone feed and take care of them. Sorry if I'm running on fella's but this most recent case in San Diego has just got me sick, God Bless her family and friends during these hard times.
    Stay Safe and God Bless America.
    Psycho C/O.

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    I say we stamp thier forheads once they are convicted, So all of us parents can see them coming a mile away. Also since due to bleeding hearts who think its unconstitutional to not let them live in our neighborhoods.
    "To each his own"


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      isent it true that any child molester that gets out of jail has to register with any police station in any county or state that he chooses to move to? I remember seeing something about that on tv.


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        They are suppose to register as a sex offender, half the time they don't and just go out and ruin another childs life, maybe more than one, or just kill the kid. Making sex offenders register hasn't done anything to cut down the number of Child Molestation cases.
        Stay Safe and God Bless America.
        Psycho C/O.


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          The death of this little girl in California was heartbreaking. I know, if that had been my son, I would have to tell the police to put 10 of their biggest baliffs around my husband at the courthouse because I am SURE he would try to kill the man.
          We had a little 3 year old boy killed here. At the trial, the father sat quietly through it all. The man received the death sentence. As soon as the judge said the last word of the statement, this very quiet father jumped up from the front of the courtroom, hurdled the wooden partition and attacked the man. I was glad to see him get in a wonderful punch to the mans face before he was pulled off. But, the court reporter was knocked down and several people received injuries.
          The father WAS arrested and got probation.


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            Under Megan's Law named after a little girl that was molested,raped and murdered, they suppose to register when they get out of jail. In Louisiana they run a picture of them in the paper,have to send out postcards to every residence in a certain radius and they are listed with the picture and charge on the state police web site. However I do know of some that I personally arrested that live in New Orleans that are not listed either by error or they avoided it. Sad case about this recent little girl. Hope he get's what he deserves and glad for the family they got to recover her body so at least they get some closure and she can rest in peace in a proper place instead in the middle of a desset.
            Stay safe and watch your back. Survived Katrina. Now a Official member of the Chocolate City Police.


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              From my stint in corrections, I can tell you that OTHER inmates 'don't think much of' them, either.
              "When you guys get home and face an anti-war protester, look him in the eyes and shake his hand. Then, wink at his girlfriend, because she knows she's dating a *****."
              -Commanding General, 1st Marine Division


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                Originally posted by shooter1201:
                From my stint in corrections, I can tell you that OTHER inmates 'don't think much of' them, either.
                Yeah, I heard rumor that "criminal" justice in one form or another is carried out for people like that.
                I was leaving a facility after dropping a prisioner off and as they were checking my vehicle I happened to look up at one of the windows on the building and saw this arm flailing like someone was on the receiving end of a whoopin'.
                I say to the C/O, "Is that anything to be concerned about?"
                He looks & says, "Nah, he's just learning a lesson"...
                " Life's disappointments are harder to take when you don't know any swear words." - Calvin


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                  In my opinion, I believe they are just one step beyond a rapist. Neither one of them has my respect (not that a murderer does either), but to do that to a child, it's just plain sick. I have another friend who is a Jeffco SGT. He is currently assigned as a supervisor at the county jail. He said that all of these "liberal-let's reform them" people are just plain nuts. It is virtually impossible. Just my opinion.

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                    There is no such thing as rehabilitation for these freaks. I have done too many repeat offender interviews and it kills me a little bit each time.
                    If there is a tourist season, why can't I shoot them???


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                      From a survivor's Point of View...Having been repeatedly brutalized by a close family member, I have to say it's refreshing to see the general concensus here is that the lowdownscumbagpukes are NOT, in fact, able to be rehabilitated. The person who abused me has no remorse and does not think he did anything wrong. Due to pressure from family members I did not prosecute this animal. I regret that decision every day of my life.I did inform him that if he ever does anything to another person, he had better HOPE the police get him before I do...
                      "Sometimes, I guess there just aren't enough rocks." -Forrest Gump


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                        You know, Beatle, you may still be able to prosecute the scumbag. I guarantee you he is still doing it to others. These animals can't stop.
                        It might not be easy but I have read of cases where people have sucessfully prosecuted the a******* years and years later. Of course, if you could find others he has or may even IS molesting, you would have a better chance.
                        We had a neighbor who molested his 2 teenage daughters. It was strange how they took it. The younger one was full of rage and hate. But, the older one sadly accepted her father almost like a boyfriend. They are, of course, in counseling.
                        And it was sad how it as found out. Their mother walked i on him with the oldest girl. Rather then killing him, like I might have, she told him she would not report him IF he gave her a divorce, provided for the family and never came back ever. He agreed. BUT, in the judges chamber, he actualy had the nerve to argue with her over the terms of the divorce. She got mad and yelled, "Well, at least I"M not sc****** our daughters!" When she did, he jumped up and punched her in the mouth and there was a free for all until the baliffs got things under control. When they finally got them back in their chairs before the judge, with many baliffs there, the judge looked at the mother and said, "I'm going to put your husband in jail but I SHOULD be putting you there too. Your kids need their mother, if that's what you want to call yourself."
                        This scumbag got nine years, did 4 and was back on the street. He goes back to jail if his daughters ever even catch a glimpse of him.
                        I don't know where he is now. He did move back in town but was such a pariah, he moved. We were once in a small restaurant when he walked in. Everyone who hadn't ordered left. We, and others eating, left our money on the table and left. And he realized what everyone was doing too.


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                          These animals can't stop.
                          Please don't call them animals. I am by no means an animal rights activist, but I do love K-9's, especially German Shepards. I don't want to lower our K-9 partners to the level of these sickos.



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                            Mitzi: "...you may still be able to prosecute the scumbag."

                            Mitzi, you know I love you, and this is not a flame, but I have to address this.

                            Prosecuting these cases is extremely difficult even with a "fresh complaint".

                            They are even more difficult to work when the report comes up years afterward when the victim is an adult.

                            There is no physical evidence.

                            You can only rarely pin down an exact date.

                            It is often difficult to pin down an exact location.

                            Memories of the event have been effected by time and internal processes of repression, then recall through therapy, reorganization, etc.

                            There aren't witnesses to this type of offense.

                            Without a confession, it comes down to one person's word against another and I have never seen a jury convict on that without corroborating evidence.

                            It's very difficult to get a confession from someone who knows they are looking at 30 years or life in prison if they confess and they know that you don't have any hard evidence against them.

                            Many times, without physical evidence, you can't even get a warrant or an indictment. And that's when the "statute of limitations" hasn't run out.

                            I'll agree that I would like to see the case worked. Every effort should be made. When I get these calls, I do everything I can to try to make a case. I look into what is reported as well as to any possibility of prior or subsequent offenses.

                            However, I also see the result of well meaning therapists who advise people to prosecute as part of their recovery and it usually just ends up setting them back.

                            They often get very hopeful that the case will end up in a conviction, but it hardly ever does after so much time has passed.

                            The investigation and especially the trial (if there is one) causes them to re-live the event over and over. Then when the judge fails to issue a warrant, or the Grand Jury fails to indict, or the trial jury fails to convict, it has a terrible impact on the victims and survivors.

                            I encourage folks to tell us about this stuff so we can make every effort to make a case. I just hate to see it when they have their hopes up and pin so much on the outcome.

                            I only offer this for ANY survivor who may be out there reading this:

                            Yes, if you feel that you are able to, report it and be active in an effort to prosecute them, then do so... but please keep in mind that, despite every effort, it will be extremely difficult to get a conviction.


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                              I had a visit to my house last June from a prosecutor handing out a letter with a picture
                              on it of a man who committed crimes(molest,rape) on young girls. This man is out of prison now, and is living in are neighborhood. He's a level3(a predator). He seeks out his victims and threatens them with a knife. He served his time, but they still consider him a high risk.

                              The prosecuter informed us of this man and how they know this person is a high risk to the young female population. They were going door to door, informing and asking if the families had any young daughters living in there households to be aware of this individual.

                              But, before he could release the information about thee individual to us, we had to sign a form stating that we will not harass,follow, even yell at this individual, OR get together with the neighbors to conspire in any way to harm this person, because it would be against the man rights.

                              Just that were suppose to keep an eye on this man to see if he does anything that he shouldn't be doing! And to report it to police. The Police were also given a letter with this mans picture and brief description of his crimes, and where he lives and who he lives with and if he drive's a car or not.

                              In short, because of "Megan's law" we were notified of this man.

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