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Had the beejeebies scared out of us tonight


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    Ahhhh, this brings back memories of a visit to the local Target store (like wal-mart). I set off the alarm GOING IN to the store. Of course, I set it off leaving the store too. Security asked me if I had any metal plates in me (I'm serious!), I said I don't and then I left. To this day I don't know why I set it off. Everytime I walk out of a store with detectors at the door, I close my eyes.

    Its probably your wallet. Sometimes they put one of those metal things in there to prevent stealing. and customers forget to remove it or don't realize its there. Dig around ,you might find it.
    "To each his own"


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      Originally posted by kateykakes:
      my son and his friend came over to me and told me they were just accused and searched by a security guard. I said searched for what??? [ 03-03-2002: Message edited by: kateykakes ]
      Here's what I would of done... I would of said "okay...you've search my kids... now turn around cause I am going search you."... when he asks why... I'll tell him "I'm just doing my job".... what an jerk.


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        I actually got more satisfaction knowing he was terminated from his position. I truly believe with the complaints he had in the past, him losing his job was inevitable. I just helped the cause.

        I'm not one to take much sh*t from anyone, and when my children are involved, it's a whole different story. Better run, better hide...


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          I worked as a loss prevention officer in a department store. I know that if a person has not left the store with anything then they can not be stopped in the store even if they have a item concealed upon their person. The fact of this is a person as long as they are still in the store can sate that they had every intention to pay for the item before leaving the store. You as the security person and the store would have to spend a lot of monies to try and prove that the person is a dishonest person and was stealing. IF the person has a spotless record then the burcen of proof is gonna be real hard to prove and now you have a unlawful detention on your hands. I can tell you if walmart, target or kmart wants to see my reciept then they can supeona me to show it to the judge.

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