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Intersted in criminal investigation


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  • Intersted in criminal investigation

    I just posted in another area but thought I would try what seems to be main forum. I am interested in criminal investigation. I have a B.A. Psychology and I am pursuing a B.S. in chemistry. I am interested in crime scene (forensics) but I have found little insight as to how to find a job or what qualifications I may need online. I am hoping that someone on this website will lead me to the right direction.

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    I'm gonna put in my $.02 first, then move this to "Ask a Cop".

    If you want to get into forensics, start looking at State Crime labs. Unless you're looking at a big agency, there's not too much really technical stuff to crime scene investigation. Most crime scene techs document and gather evidence, but send it off for analysis.

    Additionaly, crime scene tech is normally a collateral duty, meaning you work road patrol then do crime scene on an "on-call" basis. Some large departments have full time, dedicated CST's, and some hire specifically for the position, but by and large, you won't be able to jump right into it.

    As far as Criminal Investigations, same thing goes almost universally. You've got to do your time at the bottom of the ladder and pos for the postions as they come available. Most agencies require at least 2 years, non-probationary time on the road followed by glowing evaluations, and a history of working as many of your own cases as possible while you're in patrol.

    I hope this didn't burst your bubble too bad, but that's the way it is. Now, on to "Ask a Cop"...


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