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  • New Neighbor.

    I don't have, or haven't had I should say, neighbors. I live on a highway in a commercially zoned area, so there are not any residences close EXCEPT across the highway. There are 2 apartments facing the highway and almost directly across from my house.

    Recently a man moved into one apartment, he's a drug dealer and an addict. Today I see that he's moved in some "friends", 2 lesbians who I spotted walking down the street yesterday holding hands.

    This guy had a store front building on the square a year or so ago and the party was on all the time. I walked by early one morning to find the store door wide open and him passed out on the floor just inside.

    He disappeared for some time and now he's back. There goes the d*mn neighborhood. He's got foot traffic in and out constantly. Why our local cops don't see this is beyond me. Maybe it's because he's the brother of a woman who's married into a prominent family here. Small towns suck sometimes!
    Criminals prefer unarmed victims.

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    You COULD always 'drop a dime' on him from some payphone AWAY from your neighborhood...something along the lines of a PEDOPHILE harrassing kids, sex with an animal, etc.
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      oh no! Lesbians.

      How you know the guys a drug dealer and user?
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        I've got a solution. Ask these lesbians if they'd be interested in becoming famous. Tell them you know a "big time producer in NY..."


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          This town has about 1200 people, everybody knows everybody. The guy overdosed on heroin several years ago and his track record speaks for itself. He's been busted before, I just don't understand why he keeps coming back.

          NY, There is an ambitious young cop here in town, hasn't been on the force long, maybe he'd like some action. Our other cops seem to turn a blind eye to this guy.

          You guys should see the pile of trash that has grown over night, gotta love it!
          Criminals prefer unarmed victims.


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