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Score one AGAINST animal cruelty


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  • Score one AGAINST animal cruelty

    For several weeks, people in the neighborhood have been telling me about the man behind me and the way he housebreaks his dog, a 14 week old Golden Retriever. This man has 4 young children so he goes and gets a big dog that chews, pees and poops. Go figure. He has no patience with it.
    Anyway, I thought everyone was just pulling my leg about this. But, it seems as though he knows what I am like and does it when he thinks I am not home.
    I knew he would do it one day when I was home and he did. I never heard such pitiful crying as I did from this poor puppy. Yelping and crying like it was dying. So, I took my trusty ladder, put it up against the fence and climbed up it. As he reared back to hit the puppy again, I yelled, "Wrong Move!" He jumped and I said, "I'MMMMMMM HOME!" and I told him to meet me at the gate.
    He did, red faced and head down. I told him if I saw him hit that puppy or I heard the dog yelp like that again outside or inside, I was reporting him. He said that it won't stop peeing in the house so I told him about crate training. He said, "But don't worry, there is no abuse over here." I told him yes there was, because I saw it. He hit the dog, picked it up by it's skin and threw it, then hit it again. (I was looking through the slats on the fence). lol
    I was so brave I then marched to the woman next door and told her she needed to bring her dogs in at night and when she's not home because they keep us up all night. She said that her father was a city councilman and she could do damn well what she pleased. I told her SHE had to go by the rules to and I didn't care WHO her father is. The dogs were quiet tonight.
    I need to check into what the dog barking ordinance is just in case she tries to put them back out at night. I called the police a few times on her but they never showed up. I know how busy they are and a dog barking just isn't real high up on the agenda. She has THREE Rottweilers that do nothing but bark!

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      Oh, I know that. I wasn't angry they didn't show up. It's jsut that, when you have 3 Rottweilers barking all night, oiu get a little desperate for SLEEP!
      I didn't care for the woman's attitude. She said she wasn't cooping her dogs up for anyone. I reminded her that she knew she was buying in a neighborhood where people have a right to their peace. Next, I'm gonna get her for the live band she has play in her garage for 2 hours every night. Just because it was before 10, I'm sure there is an acceptable decible level for anytime of the day.


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        BRAVO TO YOU FOR GETTING INVOLVED!!! That is one thing I have no tolerance for whatsoever...animal abuse.Personally I think however a person abuses an animal...it should be done exactly the same way to him. Animals are a source of unconditional love that makes a person feel all warm and fuzzy.Someone who gets his/her jollies from abusing them...should be severely punished!
        I would still turn that bastard in to the Humane Society.



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