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Its March 1st! What are you looking.......


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  • Its March 1st! What are you looking.......

    Its a brand new month and Spring is on the way....for those of us that enjoy wintertime and don't have summer year round. What do you look most forward to as the spring is coming?....soon.....hopefully!

    For me its longer days, the smell of flowers and just an overall renewed energy!

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    1. agree with longer days, renewed energy, spring flowers, and more comfortable clothes (espcially on women [Wink] )
    2. going hiking and camping
    3. going scuba diving
    4. might finish my pilots license (still thinking about it)
    5. golfing
    6. making a new baby (we're working on our second )
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      I am SO looking forward to Spring. I love winter, but this year has been TOO much snow... it's so ugly and dirty now. i want to see my grass!

      i cant want to get gardening, plant my herbs and flowers and tomato plants. and this month will be my birthday and i'm planning on going out for that and partying. 2002 was a bad year for me, as was the beginning of 2003. i feel like spring is my "new year." i'm getting a Regular, 40-hour/week position at my job, so i'm starting out good. then i will get my new truck, and spring will be here by then
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        1) Warm weather.
        2) Being able to do stuff outside without getting cold.
        3) Baseball.
        4) Camping and fishing.
        5) Being able to plan out (a few days in advance) when I have to cut the lawn. The dang snow comes when it is least convenient for me. Plus snow is cold.
        6) Winter driving isn't my favorite.
        7) More birds to watch.
        8) Softball.
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          We are just now getting our first really DECENT snow of the winter. I'd like to see at least another month of heavy snow, before spring is sprung. I'm NOT looking forward to the fire season around here otherwise!

          However, I am looking forward to getting out the RV (at least on weekends) and the ATV and fishing gear!
          6P1 (retired)


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            I'm with Don: WE NEED MORE SNOW! We've had two storms here that left anything. The first was in December (dropped 4 inches), the second was two days ago. It left 1 inch which melted off the next day. I don't wanna play fireman this year . It wouldn't hurt my feelings at all to wake up to five feet in the morning.

            On the other hand, the short sleeve uniform will be welcome, as will the longer days. Fishing season, mountain biking, camping...I'm talking like I'll actually have time to do those things.

            The best part will be getting my oldest son ready for his first duck season. We'll be shooting clays this summer to prepare and talking about habitat and different species.


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              My ex getting married at the end of the month so she has somene else to give grief to. Maybe she has only so much grief she can spread and he'll start sharing in my misery.

              The look on her face if she gets a contempt citation for not notifying me or the court of her change of address as soon as she knew about it.

              Thunderstorms, nothing like a good severe storm to generate a little OT.

              Not having to run the heater on my squad car, the dry heat makes my skin kind of dry and flaky.

              Pool patrol starts up about the end of the month. Pool patrol is one of my favorite duties.

              Daisy Dukes and tube tops.

              Convertables with the top down being driven by blondes with long hair.
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                Window down all night long.
                Camping, road trips.

                That's enough... (Start a new thread on April 1st, though -- winters tend to drag....)
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                  Getting the Harley and Buell out of storage.


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                    Gee, I forgot how quiet it was without those motorcycles on the road!


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                      March 1, 2003, 23:47hrs, single vehicle MVA, directing traffic for 1 1/2 hours, -40 F

                      I'm really looking forward to the frostbite marks disappearing from my face!

                      other than that I'm really looking forward to taking my new four wheeler for a rip



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                        I'm looking forward to long walks around the lake with mi amor.. This cold weather crap has to GO. It's hindering my groove time outdoors. [Wink]
                        Oh... Oh... I know you di-int!


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                          March 3rd and it went down to ZERO last night.

                          i heard by the 4th of July it MIGHT get warm!!!

                          I'll post, You argue.


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                            Mine is the 24th

                            i'm trying to plan what i want to do, i know it will involve food, drink, and music. (hopefully something else but i wont count on it! )

                            Hope your's is good also. i think this is going to be a good month...
                            "You did what you knew how to do...and when you knew better, you did better." ~~Maya Angelou


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                              1) Seeing my wife, TrafficGoddess in a bikini or short-shorts.
                              2) Getting out the Harley.


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