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Tattoos- Who's got one?


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  • Tattoos- Who's got one?

    I just got my first one last Saturday. Got a Christian fish symbol with a cross inside it tattooed on my left shoulder. Will not be visible when wearing uniform. My son has a matching one on his left ankle. Already planning to get another one on right shoulder, just not sure of what.

    Who else has tats? Would you care to share what they are and where they are?

    (Mods-if this topic has been done recently please excuse my ignorance, I just didn't see it. Feel free to delete if it has!)
    "Why is it that our children cannot read the Bible in school, yet they can in prison?"

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    Left bicep - Eagle with "USA" in banner through its' talons
    Right bicep - American flag with "God Bless America" on banner
    Both done before 9-11.

    When I retire in 15 years, going to get the date with "830" (penal code section defining peace officers) with a slash through it across the back of my neck...
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      L Bicep: Skull over crossed bayonets with roses. Mom gave me hard time til I threatened to get MOM put under it.

      R Bicep: Dragon. Even Mom secretly likes this one.

      Now wife is thinking of getting just a small one.
      Dave Kiefner
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        Celtic knotwork piece on upper left arm

        Skull and crossbones on left ankle.
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          But, now, SpecOps will have to give you a run down.

          He had to get a waiver with all his visible tatts you know.
          People have more fun than anybody.


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            I don't have any but would consider getting a very very small heart, maybe on my ankle or somewhere out of sight. Only problem is, if I decide to pursue a life of crime it will make it easier for you coppers to id me !! LOL
            Have you ever noticed? Anybody going slower than you is an idiot, and anyone going faster than you is a maniac.


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              I have no tatoos but I have thought of getting one. The idea of the christian fish is a nice idea. I might think about that one. A freind of mine and myself designed a nice tatoo for MP's it is a nice tatoo with some detail involved we had patches made of it so we could see what it looked like. I have two of the six made at home. I know if I would have gotten it it would have been on my left upper arm.

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                Nope, but I have a 'lil chicken pox scar that looks like a tear drop. Does that count?

                I think Navy tattoos are the best looking.



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                  Yep, three. You can see them all here:



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                    I wasn't gonna mention this but SGT Dave threw my name out, so here it goes.

                    I was pretty wild at one point in my life.....but that was a long time ago.

                    Just in case anyone is wondering, I got most of these done inside Pelican Bay. My tattoo artist's name was Tiny, we did time in the S.H.U. (Security Housing Unit) together.

                    Forehead: "SWORN TO GUNS" over an image of two M16's. I had the two M16's done yesterday after talking about AR-15's and AK-47's with Shooter1201 in the "Firearms" forum.

                    Underneath left eye: 5 tear drops, one for each life sentence.

                    Underneath right eye: "LAUGH NOW CRY LATER"

                    Front of neck: "SLICE HERE"

                    Back of neck: "IF YOU CAN READ THIS YOUR CLOSE TO DYING"

                    Back of head: An image of a bullet hole.

                    Right upper arm: "DEATH ROW 4 LIFE"

                    Right forearm: A sleeve with various images of flames and a picture of Satan.

                    Right hand, top: Image of a devil dog.

                    Left upper arm: Image of hooded man sitting in the electric chair.

                    Left forearm: Another sleeve with various images of naked women.

                    Left hand top: Image of the Playboy bunny.

                    Chest: "THUG LIFE 4 EVER" going across both pecs. This one is my favorite, it reminds me to "keep it real"

                    Back: "HILLBILLY MAFIA" over am image of the Stars and Bars. This one covers my whole back and is really quite impressive.

                    Stomach: "MAMA DIDN'T LOVE ME"

                    Thats about it.


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                      Nope. Never had any desire for one. As Friday said, got enough scars to make up for it though.
                      6P1 (retired)


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                        You got to be the most tattooed up policeman I have ever talked with!!

                        Had me going for a minute, then I was LMAO at the locations and descriptions.
                        "Why is it that our children cannot read the Bible in school, yet they can in prison?"


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                          Yes...I have one....

                          Pelvic region...a rose.

                          After I get hired on the LPD, I've promised myself a tattoo of three ravens in a celtic knot on my lower back or right shoulder blade area.

                          Cheers and Ink,


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                            In high school, all my fellow senior Offensive and Defensive Lineman got tatoos.

                            I went with the traditional barbwire around my bicep. I looked bad @ss because I played center and got the tat on the same arm I snapped with. INTIMIDATION.

                            AND I WOULD LIKE TO POINT OUT, this was about six years ago, BEFORE Pam Anderson and everyone else got the same thing.


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                              I've got a tribal band on my left bicep. I got in while I was in the Navy. Heck, I don't remember anyone that didn't get one while we were stationed together.

                              Anyway, that was about six or seven years ago. I want another one on the right arm, but the Mrs. isn't taking to kindly to the idea.

                              Oh well, I keep on a trying.
                              Attitude is a reflection of leadership.


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