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Immigration/How to become a USA Cop


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  • Immigration/How to become a USA Cop

    When i signed up I promised a few people I would answer their ? on how I left being a cop in England and became a cop in the USA.
    It is quite lengthy, so I must apologise in advance....Anyway here goes.

    Let me introduce myself.

    I am coming up 48yrs of age, and have been over here
    in the States for almost 10yrs.I was a PC with
    Humberside Polce Force for 14yrs 3 months before I was
    finally able to immigrate to the USA..

    Let me preface the info I am about to give you with
    the statement, that I know there have been certain
    changes in immigration proceedures during the last
    10yrs. I am not really sure to what extent they have
    changed, but I am pretty sure the law has not changed
    regarding citizens and law enforcement, and therein,
    will be one of your problems.

    When I initially applied for immigration to the USA
    for myself and family, it was in late 1986. I
    contacted the US embassy in London and advised them I
    wanted to find out what the process was. I was sent
    info and the relevant forms to fill out. I submitted
    the forms and was sent an acknowledgement with a
    category and number, that was to be my status number,
    then I waited and waited. (Contacting the embassy by
    phone is a frustrating endevour, they treat u like u r
    bugging them). Anyway to cut a long story short, it
    took me 4 years of stress and frustration,and being
    told,that although I had made it thru 2 phases of the
    process, my category had now been closed, and I would
    not be considered further for immigration. This was
    late 1990, then after trying to get over the
    disappointment, suddenly out of the blue, in the
    beginning of 1991. I recieved another letter from the
    embassy, telling me I was now in the last phase of my
    process and did I still want to be considered.

    So from being totally downcast I was then, back in the
    game so to speak. Anyway cutting the story again, on
    an assigned day, we (family) had to go to London, see
    an embassey authorized Dr. for medicals and xrays, and
    go to an embassy appointed photographer for Visa
    photos (we were running around that particular part of
    London like chickens with our heads cut off because we
    were on a time deadline). Having completed all of
    these tasks we presented ourselves back at the embassy
    where we were taken in asked some questions and had to
    take an oath before our Visa's were issued to us. On
    that day alone it cost us 1,000 pounds cash (bearing
    in mind this was 10yrs ago). But we had made it, we
    were now able to immigrate.. The next problem was, we
    had been given a deadline of 3 months to immigrate to
    the USA, otherwise we would forfeit and go back to the
    bottom of the list. So in 3 months we sold everything
    (at a considerable loss) and immigrated....

    SECOND HURDLE.......
    In 1984 The Supreme Court of The USA. Passed a law
    stating that no-one could be a sworn officer, ie.
    Police Officer, unless they were a citizen of USA. U
    cannot however apply to be a citizen of the USA, until
    u have been a legal resident in the USA for 4 years.
    Then and only then can u apply for citizenship, and u
    can only apply for a job as a Police officer, after u
    have proved that u have applied for citizenship. U can
    however work for a Police dept. as an unsworn officer,
    ie a community service officer. These officers are not
    cops, they do not carry weapons. they are used for
    minor RTA's, taking reports of cold calls with no
    suspects and manning phones in a telephone reporting
    unit, also photos and print work at minor crime
    scenes. They work extremely hard with a heavy case
    load, but they are not cops.

    Anyway after 3 1/2 years of trying to earn a living by
    being a security guard, stretch limousine driver,
    salesman, actor/model, Private Investigator.. In Jan
    95, I finally managed to join Modesto PD as a CSO,
    which I continued to do, until I was able to apply for
    citizenship and then apply to become a cop, which in
    itself is an incredibly long proceedure which actually
    takes months..Finally in March 1997, I went to the
    Police Academy, where I spent the next 5 months and
    graduated and confirmed my employment with MPD as a
    Police Officer.. It was a long, arduous,
    heartbreaking journey, but I finally made it.

    Anyway, thats my, sad story...I did not tell u these
    things to put u off or dishearten you. I try to tell
    things as they really are, and I wanted u to know some
    of the problems u may encounter..It may not take u as
    long as 4yrs to get immigration like it did me, there
    may be a new faster process, but I know the Supreme
    court ruling is still in being with regards to
    becoming a cop..

    I know these are not facts that u wanted to hear and I
    am sorry that I have been the deliverer of bad news..
    All I can say is that,If u really feel passionate
    about immigration, start the process right NOW. Do not
    wait any longer. There is a great future here.
    I have had several hard times since I have been here,
    but I have never wished I was back in England or that
    I had not made this change in my life...(and the
    weather here suits me too

    If u want any further info, I will be glad to help u
    if I can.. I understand the frustration this info may
    bring you... If u decide u do not want to write back
    to me I will understand..
    In any event, I wish u the very best with your future
    endevors and career..

    I am sincerely yours........

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    When I first posted this, I did not read the entire post. So disregard what I previously wrote. Ooops.


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