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  • Interesting BOLO....

    On the board at the PD today, was a BOLO for a stolen semi trailer from Oklahoma. What was interesting....or amusing(?).... was the contents of the trailer:

    The ENTIRE semi trailer was filled with feminine products.

    Gonna be an awful mad bunch of BGs when they pop the lock on that trailer.....

    [ 01-14-2003, 05:22 PM: Message edited by: shooter1201 ]
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    mi tirador-
    That would depend on if the BG's were bad guys or bad girls...if they were bad girls, it may be just what they were looking for!
    La Diosa


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      BG Says, "Wonder why this load is vibrating so much?"
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        This reminds me of something so funny. My husband and I were engaged and he was working in a grocery store at that time. I walked in and was sitting waiting for him. One of the stockmen was not very happy about working in th "feminine product" aisle and when he saw it was his aisle to stock, he said, "Damn! Why do I have to work the manhole covers?" Then he saw me. I have NEVER seen anyone blush so red in my whole life. He looked like he just wanted to die. All of us (I was the only woman there) could not stop laughing at him. He was SO embarased! lol


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          LMFAO @ manhole covers. Thats cute.

          STAY FREE OR DIE!

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          Oh... Oh... I know you di-int!


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            Ever see the footage where the guy carjacks a Dunkin' Donuts delevery truck and there are like 5 police cars chasing it. Hilarious!
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