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If I was this kid's dad.................


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  • If I was this kid's dad.................

    I would have put him in the cruiser myself!

    911 Call Reporting Killing Was A Prank
    Police not amused by teen's actions

    A caller to 911 told dispatchers early Saturday morning he killed his wife and was about to kill himself. That call turned out to be a prank, but what happened afterwards was no laughing matter.

    An Omaha father may have been confronted with the most frightening moment of his life when several police officers, weapons drawn, surrounded his home at 148th and Webster, calling for him to come out.

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    Something like this should have resulted in an arrest or a juvenile referral. This kid could have gotten his father killed.

    This kid must have gone through puberty if his voice was mistaken for one of an adult male.

    I hope his parents take away the internet from him.
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      I just hope the cops there don't end up arresting the parents after they do what should be done to that boy.
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        Cops shoulda scared him more or something. That is a serious crime in my opinion. What if there was something life threatening happening elsewhere? What a brat.
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          In my humble opinion, the police should write it up and refer it to the DA for action. If I could find a way, I think the cops should have sacked this kid up and dragged him to spend an evening with some of Omaha's finest youth offenders.

          WARNING: I'm about to launch into a diatribe.

          This is exactly why juveniles pull the suckheaded stunts they do and turn out to be punks in adult life...they know they can get away with just about anything. They learn that a lot of society doesn't want to lay down the law firmly because it might damage their chances to succeed in life. Here in Abilene we had 5 teens, middle to upper middle class, who decided it would be cool to burn down a wing of the local junior high. $2 million in damage and the school was closed for a year. There are the pathetic parents, defense attorneys and friends all on TV saying to be lenient because a harsh sentence isn't what these kids need as they approach adulthood. It was just a prank that got out of control. Well Mom and Dad, maybe if you taught them consequences instead of being their buddy and letting them do whatever they want and to think more than 5 mins ahead in their lives maybe they wouldn't be on trial!!! At least the county is trying them in adult court. Ok...I'm done venting.

          [ 06-08-2003, 09:41 PM: Message edited by: Padres19 ]
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            I had a few kids do this to me with a Burglary in progress call. It was a group that was a few houses away having a tiff with this kid. I ended up charging them with a whole slew of charges.


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              One of THE most important lessons in life is learning that choices and actions have consequences, not only for others but also for oneself. If you don't learn than young, you will have to learn it older, or you will never grow up. That's why it hardly ever helps people to be shielded from the consequences of their actions--particularly when they're young. The ante gets upped as they get older and capable of even more harm.

              The cops involved with this met the kid and the parents, and hopefully knew that the kid would indeed be facing consequences through the parents. If not, they may be meeting him on a professional basis again some day.
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                Two words...Military School. Slapping the sass off his face would be another option...always worked for mother put the fear of God in me and I also got a few I never thought of doing things of the, I was always threatened with military or convent school.
                Kids do this junk because they are ignored by their parents when they do good things so if they do bad things...they get plenty of attention from more than their parents. Toddlers do this trick for attention and that is normal and their little minds are easy to mold and train...when it gets to this level, the kid needs some serious discipline.

                [ 06-09-2003, 03:34 PM: Message edited by: BunnyFoo-Foo ]
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                  My son would have no computer period. If he gotr access to one and did it again, I'd want him arrested.


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