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Cop Killer Sentenced to 50 years.


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  • Cop Killer Sentenced to 50 years.

    This happened last summer when 2 officers were struck by Kreuscher. He had sped up and broadsided the squad at over 70 miles per hour. The officers were Robert Etter and Stephanie Markins. I had met Officer Etter a few times. He was a nice man. He retired from a career with the DePere Police Department and took a part time job with Pulaski PD and later Hobart-Lawrence PD. I like the part of the sentence where Kreuscher must have a picture of the slain officers in his cell.

    May the good Lord bless Etter and Markins.

    Tyson Kreuscher Gets Minimum 50 Years Behind Bars
    Kreuscher Sentenced for Officers' Deaths

    The man convicted of murdering two Hobart-Lawrence police officers will stay behind bars at least until he's 78 years old.

    Kreuscher was sentenced Friday afternoon for intentionally ramming his pickup truck into a parked squad car last July, killing officers Robert Etter and Stephanie Markins.

    It was the final chapter in Kreuscher's murder trial when, after hearing from the family and friends of the officers, and from Kreuscher himself, the judge passed down his sentence.

    "I am ashamed to be the cause of such an unthinkable tragedy," Kreuscher said, reading from a prepared statement. They were Kreuscher's first public words to the relatives and friends of officers Etter and Markins.

    For the families, they were far too little.

    "I hope you realize what you have taken away from our family," Cathy Hurning, Markins's mother, said.

    Etter's widow, Toni, recalled, "Bob was always there for me from the age of 14."

    Those closest to the slain officers relived their loss while making a plea to Judge Donald Zuidmulder for the stiffest sentence.

    "My bubbly, smiling daughter, always there to make my day and make her dad and I feel good, was ripped from out arms," said Hurning.

    Etter's daughter, Jennifer Goh, said, "My mother's voice was shaky as she told me, 'I don't know how to tell you this, but your father was killed.'"

    The judge sentenced Kreuscher to life for both deaths with the possibility of parole on extended supervision in 25 years for Markins's death-- but that is moot, because Judge Zuidmulder sentenced Kreuscher to spend 50 years concurrently for Etter's death.

    While the judge did not explain the difference, it guarantees Kreuscher will have at least 25 years remembering each of the officers he killed.

    Judge Zuidmulder also ordered that a picture of both Markins and Etter be displayed in a prominent place in Kreuscher's prison cell.

    Zuidmulder told Kreuscher, "I think the request for life without parole is too easy and lets you off the hook, because it lets you simply never face the slightest possibility that anything you do makes any difference."

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    How is that cruel and unusual punishment? I mean, unless he had to work for the money in jail and the wage was .05 an hour or something.

    I think it would be great if those convicted of manslaughter, murder, etc., had to work eight hours a day, six days a week for the duration of their "internment", and have their earnings "donated" to a scholarship or memorial fund in the memory of their victim.


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