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Who are your favorite black celebs/famous people?


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    Yeah-I forgot to list James Earl Jones-and he's probably higher on my list than the ones I THOUGHT of!

    I just heard about a year ago, he took speech lessons to overcome a childhood stutter! Who'd a' thunk it????
    People have more fun than anybody.


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      Well Tex, I made a comment about what I thought of the question and if HE thinks I attacked him I apologize. However, your stellar intellect shows through in your comment and if you think I am stupid that is fine with me as you are obviously a brilliant intellectual and way out of my league. Too scared to answer the question he posed yourself, or give an opinion on it? Or, are you just trying to be argumentative and stupid, as you really had no comment did you?
      Nothing is foolproof, to a sufficiently talented fool.


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        Originally posted by MikeTx:
        Yeah man. I forgot about Freeman too. The Shawshank redemption was one cool movie. Great happy ending.
        One of my favorite movies !!!
        Have you ever noticed? Anybody going slower than you is an idiot, and anyone going faster than you is a maniac.


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          Notice: This thread has been reviewed for PC Content and has been approved as non-PC. Based solely on the context of the original question and subsequent replies, common sense seems to prevail.

          You may proceed

          Jim Burnes
          aka PC Overwatch Moderator

          cc: Mike Sullivan


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            Copinhell, all of your posts on this thread have been totally pointless. If you dont like the question, DONT ANSWER IT. Refering to MikeTX's question as stupid and calling him narrowminded is not going to be tolerated.

            Perhaps you should reexamine your style of communication, you wont be on the forum very long if you dont.


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              If you look 2 posts lower, I apologized to mike, and then was directly called stupid by TxInvestigator. I guess that is ok, because........? I gave my opinion which is what I thought the forums were for.
              Nothing is foolproof, to a sufficiently talented fool.


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                Ok since you want to push it even farther, here we go.

                Here was your post that was the cause for my warning to you.
                Originally posted by Copinhell:
                LOL at all of you, I didn't say anything about racism, but you all seem to have gone there. I just thought it was a stupid question, obviously a product of the narrow minded. It is like asking who your favorite black politician is, I don't really care because I am interested in who is the best. Anyone who knows me knows that I am definitely not PC, in fact I am usually told I am not sensitive enough.
                Now, to state it simply enough for you to understand, DO NOT POST LIKE THIS AGAIN.

                And as far as your half hearted apology, look a little closer, you only apologized after txinvestigator called you stupid and argumentative.

                This is your final warning, heed it, or ignore it, the choice is yours.

                Thread Closed

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