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Now it's Sosa and the "race card"


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  • Now it's Sosa and the "race card"

    you knew it was only going to be a matter of time!!!!

    Pedro: Racist press bashes Sosa
    Boston Herald ^ | Friday, June 6, 2003 | Michael Silverman

    Racial bias in the press has blown out of proportion the saga of Sammy Sosa and his corked bat, Pedro Martinez said yesterday in defense of his fellow Dominican.

    ``We may be Latin, a minority, but we are not dumb. We are not dumb, we see everything that happens,'' said an agitated Martinez during an extended venting session in the visitors' clubhouse at PNC Park before last night's Red Sox-Pirates game. The intense media coverage of the Sosa episode also touched another nerve with Martinez, who said he also has felt the sting of racial bias from the media.

    When Martinez walked into the clubhouse, the TV was tuned to ESPN and much of the coverage was devoted to the fallout from the corked bat Sosa used in a game on Tuesday.

    Martinez needed no prompting to begin expressing his concern at the vilification of Sosa. Martinez all but agreed with comments uttered by former major leaguer Jose Canseco, a Cuban-born slugger who has been suspected of steroid use. On ESPN Wednesday night, Canseco questioned that if Sosa were white and his bat were found to be corked, there would not be nearly the same level of hysteria.

    When Martinez was asked what would have happened if this were to happen to Mark McGwire, he said, ``it would still be a big deal but not like this.''

    Martinez said since X-rays of ``a hundred'' of Sosa's bats had turned up no further cork, he wanted to see a reverse smear campaign to repair Sosa's reputation.

    ``I want to see the same campaign to go on, to put him up, to justify the mistake, I want to see the same campaign,'' said Martinez. Asked about the chances of that happening, Martinez made a circle with his fingers and said, ``Zero, (expletive) zero.''

    Martinez said he had watched all of the ESPN and Fox specials regarding Sosa. Those who expressed anti-Sosa comments earned scorn from Martinez.

    ``Those two (reporters on ESPN), you can read jealous, you can read envy, you can read anger,'' said Martinez. ``Even that guy at Fox, this guy said, `Hey, let's go, smile,' as if that's something that's supposed to be fun. (Expletive), I'm going to go and hunt the guy down.

    ``One guy turned so red, he looked like a lobster, a steamed lobster.''

    When Sosa said on Wednesday that the media had ``got me up there like I'm a criminal,'' Martinez felt that Sosa, whose command of English is not as good as Martinez', could have benefited from speaking in his native Spanish on this issue.

    ``I know Sammy from my heart and I know Sammy as a person and Sammy does not express himself well and does not know how to communicate well enough,'' said Martinez. ``But I know him and I know he can speak, I know in my heart he wanted to say something else.

    ``They should have had someone to translate and have Sammy talk from his heart, how he feels. We are in America, I understand, we don't speak the language but we are doing the best we can to express ourselves. I am not defending him because it is illegal (using a corked bat). But I have never cheated but I have been (expletive) robbed.''

    Martinez being ``robbed'' was a reference to him being denied the American League Cy Young Award last year - he finished a close second to Oakland's Barry Zito - and also finishing a close second in the 1999 AL Most Valuable Player Award voting.

    Martinez said he did not believe that Zito or '99 MVP Ivan Rodriguez were undeserving of winning but he could not understand how he did not place in the top three on some voters' ballots and not appear at all on the ballots of two voters in 1999.

    ``I was robbed too and no one stood behind me,'' said Martinez. ``The Cy Young could have gone either way but some guys decided not to vote for me. Why did no one make a campaign for me?

    ``If I were Roger Clemens, would he have won the Cy Young last year?'' asked Martinez. ``I want someone to stand up for me.''

    Martinez recalled that ESPN commentator Peter Gammons last fall was supporting Zito for the Cy Young.

    Gammons, according to Martinez, said, ``I'm going with Zito because I'm tired of seeing the same face. We need a fresh face. Here's a guy (Zito) who plays guitar, he's cute, he's a white Caucasian. That's why he had his campaign against me for the Cy Young. The same thing for Sammy.''
    I'll post, You argue.

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    Gotta calm down, Nicky, there's always going to be people that play the race card, it's inevitable.

    Same thing with Blair at the NYT...
    Concerning the difference between man and the jackass: some observers hold that there isn't any. But this wrongs the jackass.
    -Mark Twain


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      Originally posted by n567:
      Gotta calm down, Nicky, there's always going to be people that play the race card, it's inevitable.

      Same thing with Blair at the NYT...

      i know that. it's just funny that when all else fails, pull out the race card. it's the last gasp effort that never seems to fail. but i may think that people may finally be wising up and ignoring the race thing anymore. there can really only be SO many victims at one time for pete's sake.
      I'll post, You argue.


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        No, it's not so "when everything else fails" because Sosa is not using the tactic. Sosa is a good guy...one of the top sportsmanship players in sports. Martinez & Canseco are idiots. No one cares about Martinez & Canseco so they speak up about something they have no reason to speak about (the corking of the bat, not the race issue). Then the media says...oh, this will cause a lot of debate & give us something for our sports "experts" to talk about on their shows. I'm sure a white player, black player, green player, whatever, busts a bat full of cork in front of several thousand spectators & a television audience, someone would notice. Add a home run king & it makes even bigger news. Where's the idiot boat with Mike Tyson in it? Tell him to move over so Martinez & Canseco can get in with him.


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          Hope you don't mind an ignorant Limey jumping in. A friend of my mine took me to see Sosa play in Chicago as a highlight of a visit there (nice to know incidentally that someone has a game even duller than cricket) I don't remember anyone watching saying "That's pretty good for a Hispanic guy" or whatever.
          I won't be wronged, I won't be insulted, and I won't be laid a hand on. I don't do these things to other people, and I require the same from them.


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            pigskin -- no i'm not saying that sammy is pulling out the race card, but it's always inevitable that SOMEONE will.

            and what's with canseco? i think the steroids are affecting his brain. i know he is of cuban descent and all but geez, he's as white as i am and i'm of italian descent. what a dope!!

            [ 06-06-2003, 04:35 PM: Message edited by: nickg ]
            I'll post, You argue.


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              BS alert!!!!

              He was using a corked bat, he is one of the most high profile players in baseball right now. Obviously this is big news. His race has nothing to do with it, and Canseco and Martinez are full of ****.

              Here is another thing to think about. Sammy is saying it was a mistake, he accidently grabbed a corked bat that he uses to warm up with. I don't buy that for a second. In all my years playing baseball and softball, which were quite a few, I never once warmed up with a lighter bat. I always used a heavier bat, or used donuts on the bat I was taking to my at bat. Using a heavier bat made the bat feel lighter when up at bat and it really did help increase my bat speed. So why is Sammy gonna warm up with a lighter bat then switch to a heavier bat when he goes up for his at bat? It doesn't make sense. Another point to consider, pro players have their bats custom made to there specifications, he should have noticed that this bat was lighter then his normal weight bat.

              [ 06-06-2003, 11:38 PM: Message edited by: SpecOpsWarrior ]


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                They never pulled race cards whe the NYM banned Gooden and Hernandez of the 86' team for taking coccaine, thought they could have easily. The were after the behavior and the poor example it sends to youg people.
                He corked the bat therfore he is a cheater. Now let's learn from it and gier him a chance to talk about it..

                The fans have the power!
                Man hath no greater love than this, then to lay down his life for his friend.
                "The strength of the wolf is in the pack and the strength of the pack is in the wolf."- Kipling


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                  This thread is playing the race card.


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                    Sammy is saying it was a mistake, he accidently grabbed a corked bat that he uses to warm up with. I don't buy that for a second."

                    Actually, his explaination is even more implausible than that.

                    Sosa claims he uses the lighter bat during batting practice to "give the fans a show". The flaw is that the Cubs, as the home team, take batting practice first and that ends before any fans are admitted to the stadium.

                    So, to me, Sosa isn't a Hispanic cheat or liar....... he's just a plain vanilla cheat and liar.

                    This thread is playing the race card."

                    Yes it is, which is why
                    it's moving to Various Topics.


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