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UK Police Reject Pay Deal


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  • UK Police Reject Pay Deal


    From BBC News: [i]"An unprecedented ballot of police officers has resulted in a "massive" rejection of a new pay and conditions package.
    Officers in England and Wales voted against Home Secretary David Blunkett's proposals by a majority of 10-1, the Police Federation announced, with similar results in Scotland and Northern Ireland.

    Police pay offer
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    I would love to make a comparison, but have no idea what their potential raises may have been added to. The article doesn't specify what the current salary is.
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      Basic pay starts at 17700 GBP a year, rising to about 22000GBP a year (25700 if you work in London) after 2 years, then incrementally over a period of about 15 years to 32000GBP approx.

      The Home Secretarys reforms relating to pay are on the point of ridicule. I could list them all, but they are very boring. Go to for more about them. They have been discussed in previous threads.

      Needless to say 98% of my london colleagues voted AGAINST reforms, and the Home Secretarys reaction was infuriating to say the least. Expect all out war - police v government!
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        Does this mean we should stock up on hotdogs and marshmellows so that we can roast them in the fires?

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          It is a shame that the people that are supposed to look after us, ae just looking to do us over. If they ever had a real day out with us to see what we have to put up with rather than the pleaent days they have in the nice areas with all the bosses around in the 'real world'.
          They might acutually want to give us something rather than take it away and try and butter it up in a way to make us look bad to the public on the news.
          Just wait to see what happens in Westminister in March!!


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            In his letter, Mr Blunkett tells commanders that they have a "very important part to play in getting the message across to the men and women you manage that this package represents a very good deal for them".
            If the package is so good, why doesn't "sell" itself?? Sounds like Blunkett wants it his way or no way.
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              I am going to show my monetary conversion ignorance here, but how much does 17700GBP and 22000GBP translate in dollars$$$??


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                207 - the package dont sell itself, 'cos its a joke, and yes, Blunkett wants it his way or no way.

                Like warrior says, be prepared for some interesting scenes of 126,000 police officers demonstrating in Central London!

                Nittany - GBP17700 is US$25071, and GBP22000 is US$35165 according to
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                  Posted by Warrior1: "They might acutually want to give us something rather than take it away and try and butter it up in a way to make us look bad to the public on the news."

                  I have noticed the negativity regarding this; on the news. Particularly pertaining to the overtime issue.

                  Any ideas on how members of the public such as myself, can voice our support for the police?
                  [email protected] "Where there is love, there is no imposition"- Albert Einstien.


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                    Your support is much appreciated.I dont think there is a forum or organisation where you could make your support known, although you could try , which is the London police federation site. Alternatively there is a pro-police pressure group in the UK called 'Protecting the protectors'. I dont know the web address, but it should be easy enough to find.

                    'Trust no-one'


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                      Thanks for that info, Bez, I will check that out.
                      [email protected] "Where there is love, there is no imposition"- Albert Einstien.


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                        The thing that bothers me most about this pay deal is that Diplomatic and Royalty protection departments have had an agreement that their officers overtime payments would be protected by ring fencing.

                        Strange that ministers are not prepared to upset the officers who protect them at work and home, but are prepared to impose unfair pay conditions on the armed officers who look after the public at large.

                        If the government want to impose an unfair pay deal they should make it across the board and if officer's dont like it they can vote with their feet....and un volunteer to perform dangerous duties.


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