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More NJ stupidity


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  • More NJ stupidity

    June 5, 2003 -- Rap entrepreneur Master P has been busted at Newark Airport with six hollow-point bullets, the deadly and illegal ammo known on the streets as "cop-killers."
    The Louisiana-based hip-hop star and record executive, 36, whose real name is Percy Miller, was due to board an America West flight to Los Angeles late Tuesday when he was stopped by Transport Security Administration agents.

    Law-enforcement sources said the "gangsta rapper" told guards he was checking a small case which held a licensed, unloaded handgun. Officials found the six bullets in a separate magazine.

    Possession of the deadly ammo is a third-degree felony in New Jersey - with probation for conviction on a first offense and up to 18 months in prison for a subsequent conviction.

    The bust came three months after an aspiring rap producer was sentenced to a year in jail for stalking the platinum-selling Miller. Antwan Baker, 32, was ordered to stay away from the record mogul for the next 10 years after first accosting him at Chicago's O'Hare Airport.

    Sources said yesterday they believed that Miller had bought the gun in Louisiana and that it was properly registered.

    Port Authority cops questioned the rapper, then arrested him for having the bullets. He was taken to Union County Jail in Elizabeth, issued a summons and released.

    The controversial bullets, also known as "dum-dums," are designed to mushroom on impact and to cause a maximum of serious physical injury and pain to the target. The bullets also are outlawed in New York and their use is prohibited in warfare by international treaties.

    Funny, I didnt know Hollowpoints were banned my international treaties !

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    Yeah, the Geneva convention bans them for military use. Hence the restriction the FMJ.

    'Dum-dums'? Archaic, at best.

    And since when have hollow-points been called 'cop-killers?' They extremely inefficent against armor.
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      It`s only June and I think we have the "Dumbest Gun Related Story Of The Year" winner.
      Life is like a 3 ring circus and cops have a front row seat. It`s The Greatest Show On Earth.


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