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help: K-9 Funding/grants?


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  • help: K-9 Funding/grants?

    need resources...

    we'd like to get one going in the Muni dept I work for. Drug work more than a patrol dog...

    resources? links? Success stories?

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    An officer at a nearby agency knew that his agency (municipality only 5000 people) would never spring for a K9 program. So, with the chief's OK, he solicited donations from local businesses and citizens. When he had accumulated enough money, he approached the chief with a deal -- he would use the donations to buy a dog and get the training, the dept. would let him have a take-home vehicle and modify it for use with the dog. The chief bit [Wink] .

    That was a few years ago. Last year, he went through the process again to get a new dog.

    Overall the program seems to be a success. The dog has helped on numerous occasions and even gets called out when the county K9 is not available. Plus, he does a great job of PR - taking to dog to the schools and community events. Not a bad idea, if he's going to be hitting people up for donations.

    PM me and I can probably put you in touch with the guy.
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      hopefully one of these will lead you down the right avenue for the type of grant you are looking for.

      COPS Grants

      National Criminal Justice Reference Service

      United States Department of Justice - Community Oriented Policing Services


      Justice Planning and Management Associates

      Thompson Publishing Group

      Federal Money Retriever

      Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance


      FY 2001 Local Law Enforcement Block Grants Program

      The Grantsmanship Center

      The Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance
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        Thank you THANK YOU

        both for the local biz info (I think many would go for it)

        and that list is GREAT Nick! Thanks for taking the time!

        I'll browse around tonight after work.


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          Check with your local Lions Club, they have a good reputation for donating to LE K9 programs.


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