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What do you guys think of this web site?


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  • What do you guys think of this web site?

    Makes me sick. This kid is a killer. He's not an angel, he killed 2 human beings. I can't believe people support him. He and his supporters makes me sick.

    I guess whenever a criminal wants public sentiment for his crimes, all he has to do is vote Democrat and turn into a Liberal

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    He's 17 or so and gets 50 to life. What's he whining about. He could still make parole someday! [Eek!]


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      They certainly shaped it so that you don't know what he did. Something about a shooting.

      There was a news story on a couple of months ago about some killer who had a website & the victim's family was trying to get it taken down. I just noticed today that there is a bill in the Texas legislature prohibiting prisoners from having websites. Hope it passes.


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        This is a prime example of putting a " good " spin on a horrible crime.

        It would be nice if more than 20% of the canteen money that they are solicting went to the victim's families'.

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          I can't believe this. How is he able to make a profit off of these deaths? I didn't see how many people he had killed. There was only one little section saying why this killer was locked up. It says that soon 30% will go toward the victims to speed up the restitution.

          What a shame. No wonder why this world is going to heck.
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            As bad as these:




            Sick to see so many, apparently, supporting a cop killer.
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              What a crock-a-s***. Cry me an f'ing river, murderer.

              Model inmate, huh? Did his parents get a "my kid was model inmate at so-and-so correctional facility" to put on their mini van? Oh, no, that's was "my kid shot two other kids in cold blood, but he's the victim".


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                I didnt really read the website. Didnt he shoot up a school or something?
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                  Originally posted by IPDBrad:
                  As bad as these:




                  Sick to see so many, apparently, supporting a cop killer.

                  MAN!!!!! Those sites made me SICK. Mumia is a piece of slum sh*t.

                  dubya, that **** ant kid shot up a school, yes... he killed 2 people and injured about 18... He's not the victim, the damn families of those kids he killed are the victims.
                  I hope that little sh*t rots.


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