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There is a freak for everything............


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  • There is a freak for everything............

    Who can ever predict what the next freakizoid will get off on collecting?

    "Meet Melvin G. Hanks. He's got a thing for ponytails. Especially the kind meant for sick kids. Hanks, 54, was arrested February 14 and charged with stealing 93 ponytails (and enough loose hair to make about 60 more). How does one actually steal 93 ponytails? Well, according to Belleville, Illinois cops, Hanks called up local salons and falsely claimed to represent Locks of Love, a Florida-based charity that uses donated hair to "create the highest quality hair prosthetics" for children who "have lost their hair due to a medical condition." Police found the purloined ponytails stashed in Hanks's bedroom closet (he shares a crib with his 80-year-old father). One salon employee told police that Hanks, now jailed in lieu of $10,000 bail, checked in "weekly to see if they have any hair."

    From: The Smoking

    I don't even want to know what he planned to do with them

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    So how was this case cracked?

    What will he be charged with-misdemeanor mane misappropriation or felony follicle fraud?

    I once knew a guy who collected horse tail ribbons.



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      Those horse tail ribbons have got a very pleasing fragrance that some folks find irresistable.


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        A bit sad, altogether.
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          I actually used to be a hair stylist. We would get the prank phone call NUMEROUS times. But no one ever fell for it. He'd call up and say that his girlfriend lost a bet and was inside gettting her hair cut. He went on to say that he was outside waiting with a bouquet of roses and 20 bucks for the chick who cut off all her hair.

          I used to contract to different salons, which meant I would wrok at various ones around the cities. In one month I had this guy call three of the salons I worked for and so I recognized his voice. I started playing along with the guy and saying things like.. OH YEAH? tell ya what, hold on, Im going to go cut her hair off right now. Be right back. (i'd put the phone down and have one of the chicks scream and come back to the phone and say,) "OH MY GOD IT WAS THE WRONG LADY" AHAHAHA Man, did that ever get him going. The last call I got from the guy I finally told him I didn't have time to play his prank cause I was too busy and having a sh*tty day. I told him not to ever call this salon again because the tracers start tomarrow.

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          Oh... Oh... I know you di-int!


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            I heard about it when it originally broke but thanks for the outcome. It's nice to know they arrested him and got the hair back for the children.
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              I wonder how the guy was originally discovered, since they had been falling for it for so long. And if he's gotten in trouble again since then.


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       resurrected a 10 year old thread?!?! HOW....WHY?!?!?!?!?!
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                You are without doubt a void surrounded by a sphincter muscle.


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                  So that people like you could reply


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