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    Wassup everyone,

    I made a post on another board but didn't get any response. I'm hoping this will be more of assistance. I am a Charlotte-Mecklenburg Office and my roommate is a Concord Officer. We are going to new york for a concert on July 18th, 2003. I just wanted to know if anyone has any Conan O`Brian tickets for July 17th, 2003 and possibly any New York Yankee tickets for July 19th, 2003. If anyone could help out, I would really appreciate it. If Conan is not possible, I would appreciate Dave Letterman. I called the respective shows and the actual tickets are already gone which leave waiting in line. I was hoping that that the brotherhood could help a brotha out...hehe Of couse, compensation is negotiable and I greatly appreciate any response. Also, any other great ideas about what to do there would be helpful. We are staying about .5 mile from Times Square....

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    From what I understand and have seen, there's always a line outside Letterman from which some people at the front usually get picked to fill-in for no shows etc, since they have to have a full audience. Luckily, Flashdancers is almost directly across the street , so I'd go there for a drink after lunch, and then just make sure you're one of the first people on line over at Letterman.
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      Contact the 44th precinct directly ( 1-718-590-5511 ) for info on the Yanks. They are a stones throw away from the stadium.

      Times Square itself has enough to do. If you can, get some dinner cruise tickets around Manhattan. The city skyline at night is quite a sight. I suggest contacting Circle Line ( usually easiset to get tickets for ).


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        thanks man, I just spoke to someone in the PD and he's hooking us up...of course, I'll have to hook them up with some southern hospitality....




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