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  • $50 Gift Certificate

    So lets say you are just joining the force and you get a $50 gift certificate to Galls. (May get more gift certificates in the upcoming week) What do you buy?

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    If the certificate doesn't have an expiration date, hold on to it until after you get out with your FTO. Then you'll have a good idea of what you will need. If it will expire before then, the extra-long, thin aluminum clipboards work nicely for Traffic Crash Reports. You will do plenty of those in training, especially if you spend any time in Operations Bureau III.


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      You buy nothing! You send it to me so I can have some new toys to play with!


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        Expires in 1 year...so I have plenty of time to use it. I also hear that a better pair of boots will be a worthwhile investment.


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          The departmental issue footwear sux. The department will refund you about $75.00 every six months for boots if you buy your own, but I'm not sure how that works while in the academy.

          I'd suggest you hold on to that certificate until you hit field training.


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            If you got time hang own to it certainily you will need it.
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              Take it down to the local "watering hole" during "watch party" and trade it for, oh wait a minute here. I forgot, you are a rookie.

              Uh like the others said, better hang onto it for a while. Don't let us old farts get you started in the wrong direction.
              6P1 (retired)


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                You give it to your FTO.


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                  The departmental issue footwear sux.
                  Wow...issued footwear!

                  My choices would be...

                  1. Street Pro gear bag

                  2. Clipboards. I've got two of the Cruiser Mates (one for crash reports and the other for my regular day in and day out incident reports) and two Style A (one for Driver exchange forms and the other for complaint affidavits). I also have like 4 of the citation holders for other forms.

                  3. Put it towards a good set of boots.

                  4. Something I highly suggest purchasing sometime soon is a pair of Hatch Frisker or similar puncture/cut resistant gloves. Mine have given me the peace of mind valued far over the twenty bucks I spent on them each time I poked my hands under a scrote's car seat.

                  I'd still wait until you got out of FTO to make some major purchases. The bag and at least one clipboard should get you going for FTO.


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                    I may be a rookie...but I am no sucker. Very little wool gets pulled over these eyes.


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                      You'll be issued search gloves, and a gear bag large enough for your helmet, rain gear, and a few other goodies.


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                        GPD, I would agree with the guys that have said wait until you graduate and hit the road with your field trainer to see what kind of stuff to get.

                        I usually warn my applicants to not go hog-wild in training - get a masonite clipboard that can accomodate legal-length forms and has a good, strong, heavy-duty clip; a decent flashlight (rechargeable or alkaline battery, aluminum or plastic, whichever feels better); get one or two gym bags to hold extra uniform clothing (dependent on weather in your area).

                        Aluminum covererd clipboards are great, but if they open book-style, or are legal-length, they can be hard to store and use inside a modern police vehicle. Besides, if it gets run over, it is a lot more expensive to replace (and if WILL happen!)

                        Your Department may have good issue footwear, or a good annual allowance for you to get your own.

                        If your Department does NOT issue cut-resistant gloves, then GET some! If they do NOT issue you surgical-type disposable protective gloves, BUY a box, and either a pouch for your duty belt to carry them in, or a box of zip-lock storage bags to keep the gloves in and clean while you carry them in your pants pockets or briefcase.

                        If your Department does NOT supply a duty bag for each vehicle to carry necessary forms in, look to buying a police-type duty bag that will fit your various forms and documents, plus carrying extra ammo, hand cleaner/sanitizer, etc.

                        You could look at buying a decent, single-blade, locking-back knife and/or muli-tool (I prefer a lock-back knife, 4 tool knife and muli-tip screwdriver, but I am different!) and matching covered scabbard for them for your duty belt.

                        Write-anywhere pens are great, but if you keep a good supply of inexpensive retractable ball-point pens (will save your shirts when you try to put them into the pocket slot!), some medium tip permanent markers (to write on carbon-less forms) and some pencils (just in case) you should be able to write down everything (and do so!) all the time.

                        If your Department does not supply them, get a supply of good (not excellent) quality, lined writing paper pads (8 x 10 or 11) - great for witness statements, field sketches of collision or crime scenes and investigator's notes.

                        Either that, or get a real job, and if you do, find one for me too!
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