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Drawing "pictures of poop"


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  • Drawing "pictures of poop"

    boy...talk about a ****ty story. this one really stinks. they should have flushed it in the beginning.

    In Complaint to Riverside Schools, Toilet-Humor Book Doesn't Amuse

    A grandmother wants the Riverside district to remove a volume with characters such as Deputy Doo-Doo

    By Kristina Sauerwein, Times Staff Writer

    The stink started with a picture drawn by Pam Santi's 7-year-old grandson.

    "It was disgusting," said the Riverside resident. "He was drawing a piece of poop

    full story:
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    Looks like they wiped it clean though.


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      Who posts this crap?
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        That's pretty funny.....the book that is. I am so anti-banning book from libraries. It is my job to make sure baby Bunny is not reading trash, not the librarians....simple as that. now, if they had Hustler or Playboy; I would say something, but if she came home with a book about a superhero that is a large pile of radioactive poop....I would laugh behind closed doors and tell her that reading material of that sort is not age appropriate and help her find some better reading material. That is just an open door for me to find out what she likes and take an active role in parenting her. That is the sad thing about kids today; they need books about vomit and poop to get them to read. Please. Things are so different these days, huh.
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          My 11-year-old son reads these books and loves them. He's now turned his 6-year-old brother on to the stories as well.

          Though I don't consider this to be high literature, I don't mind if he interspreses his reading with the occasional light-hearted fare. I did the same thing as a kid. Reading should be fun. My most recent reads were:
          -Carl Hiaasen's latest humorous mystery
          -Stalag Wisconsin - the story of WWII POW camps in Wisconsin
          - Bored of the Rings - a National Lampoon spoof of the Lord of the Rings movies
          - Officer Down: Code Three - a book recommended several times on this site

          We just make sure that this sort of thing isn't the ONLY thing he's reading. If he starts bringing home too many Garfield comic books, Capt. Underpants stories and similar light fare, my wife will make him stop it for a while. As a former librarian, she knows plenty of 'quality' books that will appeal to him.
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            Uh, sorry.

            This topic stinks.
            Caution and worry never accomplished anything.


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              Let's cut the crap, this **** is not funny. WIPE THIS ASSinine topic off the BB board!

              My 5 year old came home from school with the 2003 edition of Mother Goose, the first rhyme I read:

              ARTY FARTY

              Arty Farty had a party-
              All the farts were there.
              Tooty-fruity ripped a beauty-
              So they all went out for air.

              I won't let him read such juvenile drivel. I must set an example. No, instead we engage in the time honored father/son tradition of "Pull my finger".
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                i feel we should just pooh-pooh this entire story.
                I'll post, You argue.


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                  Originally posted by nickg:
                  i feel we should just pooh-pooh this entire story.

                  But, supporters of the JFK school were see gathered outside the facility singing the the old Lennon / McCartney song "All we are saying is give feces a chance".
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                    From the Story:
                    More specifically, Taylond, a second-grader, was sketching Deputy Doo-Doo, the villainous character in "The Adventures of Super Diaper Baby" by Dav Pilkey.
                    Portrays a LEO as a piece of sh*t BG. Not exactly what I would want my 7 year old reading.
                    Bill R


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                      Caution and worry never accomplished anything.


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