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    Do NOT go see Dark Blue! I went this evening and it was terrible...I didn't find one redeeming quality about it. It reminded me a bit of "Internal Affairs" but at least that one had a plot that was able to be followed. This film was disjointed and and frankly, just another slamfest on cops.
    The film is about the corrupt actions of a Sgt. played by Kurt Russel in the five days just before the verdict that was announced for the officers involved with the Rodney King incident.

    Don't bother....this one really sucked!

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    Are you kidding? It was awesome! It had Kurt Russell in it for gods sake.


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      I'd prefer it if you didn't converse with me directly.

      Thank you.


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        Any chance this thread will stay on topic?

        Public threads are public........ it's the members choice if they choose not to respond to another member.

        [ 02-23-2003, 03:20 AM: Message edited by: Niteshift ]


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          No problem, Nite...I think I've made myself very clear on the matter.

          Anyways....take it from someone who has been on the street...it isn't a police-friendly movie and it will leave you feeling out-of-sorts. It was as enjoyable as chewing on aluminum foil.


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            I think you should stop being a baby, G.

            As for the movie, haven't seen it yet, but I plan to.


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              It was as enjoyable as chewing on aluminum foil.

              YOUCH !

              you could have said anything but that ! [Eek!]
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              Norman Thomas


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                TG, are you sure it wasn't a documentary? [Wink]


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                  My wife and I liked the movie. It wasn't exactly something that LAPD would want to use for publicity, but it wasn't exactly a load of BS either. The movie showed how within a huge police department, members of a small "elite" unit could think they are above the law and that the ends justify the means and how a downward spiral can start once the line is crossed. Of course, nothing like that has ever actually happened at LAPD. Despite that, it's a movie, and that's all I took it as.
                  Bill R


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                    I think you should stop being a baby, G.

                    I don't recall asking for your opinion. Believe me, that was the polite response.

                    Anyways, there are very few movies that I did not find something to like about...this made the short list. Of course, another is your favorite, CINY...


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                      I don't recall asking for your opinion. Believe me, that was the polite response.
                      Great. Just what we need. Another arrogant judge who hates cops.


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                        I don't hate CINY....and the other person isn't a cop.

                        But, I still like disagreeable Texans... [Wink]


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                          If it's on the same level as Training Day, I'll pass and wait for it to be on cable.
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                            I actually didn't mind Training Day, so that should tell you how rotten this film is....


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                              I liked the brutality of it. From what I saw of LA, and So. Cali in general, it came across as realistic, at least from that perspective.

                              I didn't like the way it paints the black-white thing, or the way it suggests any time a cop assumes rank it's because they were crooked, a minority, easily manipulated, or slept their way there. I'm not naive enough to think that stuff doesn't go on, but most of the cops I've met were just people doing a job.

                              It occurs to me that movies are very good at stereotyping people. It seems like every time I see a cop in a movie, the person is doing something outside the law, either to get convictions or for money.
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