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  • Louisiana update

    Things are really weird right now. We drive down the street and all you can here is someone yelling from out a window or something how us white cracker *** punks need to leave the neighborhood before we get hurt. Of coarse you never see who said this. Bottles and batteries are being thrown at us around every corner and of coarse you cant see who did it. I've had about 5hrs sleep in 3 days and dont know when I will get some good rest. There is a memorial tonight in town and the SO will be taking over the city so all the city can go. It has rained cats and dogs since this started so we think when the rain starts it may go downhill. Hope the memorial goes well with no incidents. Not much more to update still on pins and needles. Gotta go back to work see ya.
    Always remember Fallen heroes Jay Carruth and David Ezernack. Shot to death FEB 2003 in a SWAT warrant served. My friends you are not forgotten.

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    I went through a similar incident after a friend of mine was killed LOD. I know that this is very, very difficult for you, right now. Pay attention to yourself and the warning signals you receive. Don't wall yourself in, talk to people and let out what you are feeling. Take advantage of the critical incident meetings, they really do help.
    I'm here if you need to talk. Be safe!


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      This makes me really angry. They use poverty as an excuse and blame it on someone else. Everyone makes choices in life. If some choose to become drug addicts and spend the remainder of their short lives in poverty and supporting themselves by stealing, etc. it was their decision. No one made them do it.

      I will pray for all of you tonight.

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        BAYOU-COP, I am praying for you and your department. I hope the memorial service went well, and that it was a quiet evening in Alexandria.

        I don't know if you have been through anything like this before, but things could get feeling real weird for awhile-- stress reactions can take all sorts of forms, and sometimes you wonder if you're going crazy. You're not!

        Here's some completely unsolicited advice RE dealing with stress:

        As much as it's possible--
        + Stay away from caffeine and alcohol, both of which will only compound the stress reactions.
        + Try to get moderate exercise.
        + Try to limit your exposure to the media coverage of all this.
        + Try to let your family and trusted friends know how you are feeling.
        + Avail yourself of any stress management opportunities your department gives you.

        Don't forget, as distressing as the loudmouth jerks are, they do not truly represent the public. I hope you experienced the support of the majority at the memorial service.
        We do not all come to religion over the wandering years,
        but sooner or later we all get to meet God. -- Edward Conlon


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