Another chapter in the annals (anals? ) of CAPTAIN MAGNETOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! (And it's true I swear on my Special Edition Niteshift Ticket Writing Pen!)

When Captain Magneto was just "Sergeant Magneto" and a member of the US Army's 82nd Airborne, he was still "Captain Magneto" (AKA The Nightrider) at heart. He worked his way to sergeant in short order. He started getting FNGs to fill holes in the squad from promotions. One of the FNG privates who Magneto "adopted" because he had a hard time initially, is now a sniper with Delta Force (Magneto hates to be reminded of this, since he misses it so badly.)

A young private shortly after arriving in the unit, applied what the Army had taught him. He talked to his squad leader (you know who) about his problems. Well, it seems like this young private had slipped through the cracks of the screening process, and his "problems" were that he sometimes heard "voices" ( ) Magneto kept his composure and acted seriously about this in front of him.

Of course, there was a legitimate channel SGT Magneto could have followed, and obtained professional counseling for the troubled youth, and had him temporarily removed from jump status, or just safely and quickly obtained a "General" or Medical discharge for him. But oh nooooooo