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Your last day of work


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  • Your last day of work

    We've all thought about it. Here's you chance to annonymously tell the world. What will you say to whom on your last day of work?
    Caution and worry never accomplished anything.

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    Wouldn't it be great to have a day where you could say anything to anyone. It could be called, "speak your mind day." You could tell anyone off without any consequences.

    I am too new at my present job to tell anyone off.
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      I won't tell anyone off or anything like that. I'll just say 'bye to the people I probably won't see much of again and "I'll see ya soon" to my friends who I will continue to stay in touch with. No point in burning bridges; besides, those who need to be told where to go and how to get there won't take it to heart anyway.

      One thing I absolutely will not do is take a single report or write any tickets. [Wink]
      Government is not the solution to our problem; government is the problem. - Ronald Reagan

      I don't think It'll happen in the US because we don't trust our government. We are a country of skeptics, raised by skeptics, founded by skeptics. - Amaroq


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        first, i'd take a bunch of viagra then go work traffic with a "huge raging boner."

        next, i'd call my violator a "chickenf****r."

        then i'd beat the crap out of the burger joint kid.


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          About three years ago a Madison officer drove down one of the most dangerous streets in the city with all the windows of his squad open, the lights all on, and a boom box BLARING the song "I Fought the Law and the Law Won". Ohhh such a fitting tribute for a guy who lasted over 30 years in that department. I heard there were some rocks thrown, but most of the crack dealers and $hit heads just looked on with their jaws wide open.

          Don't we all wish we could do something such as that?
          Nobody ever wants to have to fight, but its a darn good idea for someone to know how.


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            Originally posted by p01ic3m4n:
            first, i'd take a bunch of viagra then go work traffic with a "huge raging boner."

            Now there's a fantasy just waitin to happen!!

            I never told any co-workers or supervisors off in any of my postal jobs when i transferred. and it's a really good thing i didnt. i have worked with quite a few of them again, since then! more and more keep showing up at the building i now work at!

            This time tho, i would tell a couple ppl who "think their $hit dont stink" ...that it DOES! people who walk with their nose in the air TICK ME OFF! they IRK MY FUZZ!

            My first job after college, i resigned after about 1.5 years. It was a horribly managed business, and my boss was a moron. He called me into his office when it got close to my last day, and TOLD me to tell everyone i left because it was too far a distance to drive. ***. it was too late...everyone already knew the truth.

            [ 06-04-2003, 03:12 AM: Message edited by: jellybean40 ]
            "You did what you knew how to do...and when you knew better, you did better." ~~Maya Angelou


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              Ha, I'm still tryin' to get hired someplace so I gotta keep a good work record. So on my last day here I'll quietly pack up my stuff and slip out.

              Of course, only after giving my two week's notice and all that other good j***.

              There is a long list of things I would rather do on my last day.
              I am disrespectful to dirt. Can you see that I am serious? - Mr. Sparkle


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                I'll just have to tell them in Bob Hope style, "Thanks for the memories." There are a few I won't miss but overall it's been a good ride. Besides, the ones I would like to tell off have long since departed so I like to think that right prevailed, if out of nothing else but longevity.


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