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Did I hear this correctly...?


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  • Did I hear this correctly...?

    WTH?!? Florida NO LONGER accepts TN driver's licenses as PROOF of ID? Is this because TN does NOT require SS# on our DLs?
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    Hmmm, my VT DL is good here, and it has neither SSN nor photo. LOL
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      I THINK what he means is TN doesn't even require them for initial application, or many other credible documents-a fact which has been exploited by many, for various reasons. There was allegedly some link to the terror suspects of 9-11 (or their collaborators), and also just last week, a lady who was fired from TN DMV for arranging several fake licenses and was about to go on trial, was killed in a myterious car crash/fire which the FBI is assisting on, and have already ruled "arson."

      Some illegal aliens have gotten them, and it is widely known in those circles that TN is one of the easiest ot obtain using a false name. There was even a one hour radio story on NPR about it a few months ago. LE discovered a "ring" (such a cliched term ) of people who for one lump sum, would bring them here and get them a TN OL based on a fake name.

      It's funny-you and I are cops, and I didn't know about this until hearing it on NPR-the bad guys have known about it for years.
      People have more fun than anybody.


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        Here is one link I found to these stories:,2933,45588,00.html

        We (NC) were also mentioned as being an "easy" state, BTW.
        People have more fun than anybody.


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          Yes that woman with motor vehicles sold fake licenses to the terriots. My sister lives in Memphis. There's been a big investagation going on then she turns up dead.
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            The big reason for the easy availability for DL's here in TN is thanks to our Gov. Don Sundquist and state Senator Jim Kyle.


            Kyle sponsered a bill, endorsed by the gov., that allowed illegal aliens to get a DL without presenting proof of citizenship or SSN. He was just on the news the other night defending his bill.

            It's only been recently that TN relaxed the rule on requiring the SSN on the license, mostly due to the dramatic increase in identity theft crimes. For many years, the license did not carry the SSN, it was added later as an "audit number".

            The state later came up with an opt out plan for two reasons; the increase in ID theft and because it was discovered that the state was selling these records to all kinds of marketers and junk mailers.

            Ain't it good to be alive and be in Tennessee?


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              Ohio no longer requires a SSN on the DL either. Does that mean I can't come visit?


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                In the years I spent as an Inspector with the CT DMV I saw a lot of "non bonafide" licenses. Most of these real licenses were bought from dishonest DMV agents / representitives.

                The large volume I saw came from VA mostly out of the Falls Church, Alexandria area. We would photocopy the ones that were being changed over to CT and found that most listed the same addresses. Rumor has it a driving school was involved in selling them.

                Another hot spot was the Fall River MA. area. I was told one guy with a 15 passenger van was getting $100.00 a head to drive people from CT to MA to get the licenses.
                Supposedly the guy involved in that scam was reportedly caught by the MA SP.

                LOL.. I just received an e-mail... "Get an international driver's license"... "It can never be suspended or revoked"... LMAO...
                Of course not, it's only a translation of the actual driver's license which must be carried in conjunction with IDL, of course it can't be suspended, BUT the actual license can!
                I wonder how much they're charging for that scam... Anyone can get one at their local AAA office... usually for free!! LOL..
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                  Here in Texas, I've heard it is easy to obtain "Drivers Licenses" at flea markets. While riding with a Central Texas agency, they detained and later arrested a man who was hispanic and presented an Austrialian Drivers license. He said that it was valid, but it doesn't mater anyways. Cuffed and stuffed for P.I. The officer later noted he believed the DL was indeed most likely obtained by way of Flea Market.


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                    I think Florida is just still bitter over the Gators loss to the Volunteers this past season and which dashed any chances of a Miami/Florida National Championship.


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