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  • Cops and Jeeps

    Anyone else interested in Jeeps? Several guys in my agency have 'em and I have an 85 CJ7. Might think of starting a LEO oriented Jeep club here in Central FL, if there are enough LEOs interested.
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    I had a Wrangler; sold it last year and will never buy another one. Still have a GC, but dunno if I'll ever buy another one of THOSE, either.


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      I've got a '97 Cherokee 4X4 now. I had a '98 Wrangler SE and loved it. I'm wanting either another Wrangler TJ or a CJ7 next.

      If you start it up, let me know!!!


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        If I get a jeep can a guy from the midwest join too? LOL

        Are you a Veteran? If so join AMVETS the only organization that accepts all vets no matter when or where they served. Contact me for more info.


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          Jeeps are fun. About 20% or more of my department has either CJ's, Wranglers, or Cherokee's.

          If you consider 4wd, it's closer to 60%.

          How about a simple 4WD/Off Road Club?
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            I never really put the whole cop/Jeep thing together. I have a 1999 Cherokee Sport and love it. It's great in bad weather. Come to think of it, a lot of co-workers have various models ofJeep products. Hmmmmmmm. I think you may be on to something here.
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              Good idea of the 4WD club, not being limited to Jeeps. There seems to be a certain passion that people hold for Jeeps though. Heck, I sold a perfectly good running, non leaking 95 Jimmy to buy my Leaking, barely running CJ-7. I also have a 96 Cherokee. I figure that we have enough contacts to LEGALLY four wheel just about anywhere. It's not that were better as LEOs, just that we tend to know more people.
              As my friend says: All Narc, No Bite


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                I had an 85 CJ-7 which I sunk well over 10K into over the 3 years I had her. Then crashed her, and couldn't afford to fix it back up due to it being a daily driver. I now have a 2000 XJ Sport which is a project Jeep, though it is moving very slowly. I'm thinking about picking up a 2003 TJ Rubicon when it comes out though.

                GOD i LOVE my JEEP(S).....losing that CJ was the biggest mistake i've ever made in my life, thus far of course...
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                  Had an 80 CJ7 that I stole for $2800. Loved that old thing but was convinced by the wife to get rid of it for something more "practical".

                  My present ride is a 2001 Wrangler, gunmetal blue with the hard top/soft top combo. Biggest piece of crap I've ever bought and can't wait to get rid of it. Been in the shop for warranty work more times than I care to admit, has about as much elbow room as one of those Barbie dream Jeeps and guzzles gas like there's no tomorrow.

                  Anybody need a used Jeep???????
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                    I have a '93 Wrangler that I bought from another officer before he moved back east. Right now, it's the only vehicle I have other than my work bike. It has just under 110,000 on it, and it drives well. We (my g/f and I) drove from the Bay Area to Vegas, then out to Lake Mead, and up to Reno, and back to the Bay Area. Even with all of the miles, it wasn't as uncomfortable as I would have thought. Of course, I had to make it more sporty by adding a 3 1/2 inch lift to it, and a little bigger tires, a custom rear bumper (to replace the stock spare tire holder) and am waiting to get the custom front bumper. Not a vehicle I would want to take in to the city on a dinner date or anything, but, it gets the job done. Had wanted one since I was old enough to drive, and finally got this one almost 2 years ago.
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                      I have a '98 Wrangler. I've had to put a bit of work into it, but I drive it hard and a LOT (30,000 miles a year, I'd say). It's not super uncomfortable, but the mileage does suck and it can be a real bitch getting up to speed on the highway.

                      But, it's worth it in the summer -- top down, doors off ... ahhhhhhhhhh.


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                        As someone who knows, let me say jeeps are a pos.


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                          Had an 80 CJ7 that I stole
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                          Shoudn't have said that in front of a bunch of cops!

                          I am personally a fan of the Grand Cherokee. I especially like the new 4.7L HO with 265 HP in the 2002's.

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                            I currently have a Grand Cherokee. I really do like the car, but I'm not terribly interested in taking this one into real rough back country. It's actually the wife's car (bought it for her for Christmas) and she IS particular.

                            I still have my '88 Bronco II that I use in the back country. But I've got to admit that I baby it back there. It's got nearly 200,000 miles on it and is still in excellent shape. It's size makes it very good handling and it climbs like a champ. But I won't just "tear it up." If it don't wanna go, either I don't go, or I walk. Besides, that is what the ATV is for!

                            I've had a CJ7 (POS) and an old Cherokee also a POS. However, the newer ones are much better.

                            While I was RD at Death Valley I had a M151A2 on loan from the Marine base at Barstow, for a year or so. NOW THAT WAS A REAL BACK COUNTRY RIG!!!!!

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