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YOUR most embarrassing moment as a teenager?


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  • YOUR most embarrassing moment as a teenager?

    Did you get caught smoking in the basement....come home drunk with daddy waiting up.....get locked in the State Park after closing hours while 'parking' [Eek!] , or.......
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    My most embarrassing teen moment.....

    The day I shot a three inch group at 300 yards with my Glock 17.

    I had a cold and sneezed while firing the last shot, it caused a flyer.


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      ditching school on st. patrick's day when I was thirteen and getting brought down to JC (with my sister) and after hearing her scream bloody murder I broke the holding cell door and unlocked her room and she starts yelling "THEY TOOK MY SHOES!" man was I ****ed!... they were gonna let me go until I broke the door, the embarrassing part was having to get strip searched by some old lady. It was aweful! Never happened again either!!
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        My most embarrassing moment? How about age 13-19...just one long moment after another!
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          My most embarassing moment as a teenager was probably the same as 90% of all the teenage males since the beginning of time: Getting caught wacking...

          "Weren't you the two boys I caught wacking *** in my tool shed?
          -Mr. Anderson Beavis and Butthead

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            *Sorry for the length.*

            I was 15 me and two other friends one also 15 the other 16 decided to have a little redneck fun.

            My 16-year-old friend was the only one who could drive and he had a 1982 Chevy 4x4 short bed. We had always "talked" a big game about how cool it would be to take it "mudding" but we had never done it.

            Sophomore year in high school it was the last week of school before Christmas break and everyone was taking semester tests. The tests were set up to allow about 2 hours for each test, it usually didn't take more than 45mins and then we could leave and do whatever we wanted until time to take the next test. We all finished our test and were standing outside in the hall talking. We figured if we added in the break for lunch we had about 3.5 hrs before we had to be back for the next test.

            It was Small-town, USA the kind of place where you had to make your own fun. We three geniuses decided we would go out to the local lake and "mud". It would be a blast!! *As a side note, my friend with the truck was grounded and was not supposed to go anywhere but home and school.*

            We load up and set out, telling some other friends and a few girls (What woman wouldn't be impressed at manly men off-roading?) where we were going.

            We got to the lake and our hearts sank. It had been a very dry month and all the trails were dust, no mud to be found. As we are traveling around the backside of the lake we have another brilliant idea. "Look! The lakes dried up over by the shore. No water but the grounds still muddy!!!"

            So we take off preparing to drive across what was recently the bottom of a lake. My buddies famous last words were, "Hey dude, don't get stuck. This is a new shirt!" We all laughed.

            Turns out the lake bottom was not mud, but clay. Thick, stinking, deep, tire swallowing clay. It sucked the 33" boggers down in about 3 seconds. After about a min of backing up, going forward, backing up, going forward we decided we were officially stuck.

            We all get out to check out the situation and determined we were screwed. Stuck in the lake, no people in sight, no cell phone, and about 3hrs until we had to be back at school for our tests.

            We worked our butts off trying everything in the world to free that truck. After about 1.5hrs we had made no progress and were all covered from head to toe in that nasty clay mud. It was not going to move.

            Thank god we had bragged about our activities to a few other friends because they came out looking for us when we didn't show for lunch at the local Sonic.

            After about 10mins of them sitting there laughing their asses off at our expense we finally got them to help us. They were in a Camero and one had a cell phone, we called another kid who had a 4x4 and convinced him to come and help. They also called the girls we were trying to impress and they came out in their Cavalier to gawk and laugh. Long story short we broke a tow strap and the other guy got his rig stuck as well.

            Finally a third "friend" came out with his giant of a 4x4 truck and managed to free the other guy’s truck. At this time we had about 10mins to get back to school and take our tests so my buddies rig would have to be left for later.

            Covered in mud and stinking to high heavens no one would let us get in their cars. We had to ride in the back of one of the trucks. Remember it's December and about 20 degrees outside.

            We get back to school and of course we draw some attention. The assistant principal stopped us at the door and after interrogation (and more laughing) told us there was no way we were getting in the school like that. We ended up taking the last of our final exams in the gymnasium.

            My friend got in BIG BIG BIG trouble with his parents. His rig was finally freed the next day with the help of a winch truck. (They broke the first cable. I told you we were STUCK!!) [Eek!]

            That's my most embarrassing moment from my teens. Despite all the parts that sucked it was still a lot of fun.

            Of course I'm still 19 so here's hoping nothing else happens in the next 10 months.

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              that's a tough one...everything was embarassing back then...

              i remember the mother of a guy i was dating, catching us...umm...petting [Eek!] that was pretty embarassing. he wasnt allowed to see me anymore i was 18 and he was 15...

              when i was around 19, and just started dating my ex-husband, i got sick from drinking...all over his shoes. he had stepped out of the car and i kind of fell sideways and just let it flow... UGHHHH

              LOL @Rimfire edited after he reminded me...

              i also got my dad's huge Chrysler station wagon (with the extra back seat) stuck in a ditch in the mud, filled with underage drinkers, while trying to make a K-turn. had to call a towtruck...

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              "You did what you knew how to do...and when you knew better, you did better." ~~Maya Angelou


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                Being questioned about a bruise on my girlfriend's neck by her father.
                Bill R


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                  Most embarassing part of being a teenager? Being a teenager!

                  I do remember though dating this girl & taking her over to my house only to find no one at home. Well, a pretty girl, a teenage boy, & an empty house was too much temptation so we start making out. I had her half undressed when the doorbell rang. It was my cousin & his wife just stopping by for a visit. I could count on one hand how many times they have been to our house & yet here they were. I tried to do the no-one-is-at-home thing & keep quiet but the hurried rustling of clothes must have given us away. I later opened the door & told them my parents weren't at home. They looked past me into the livingroom to see my date & obviously recognized the situation so they invited themselves in & we sat around talking about this & that with a VERY uncomfortable air hanging in the room. It was time to take the girl home so we all left. I don't think anything was ever said to my parents but it was pretty embarassing.


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                    Didn't I tell this already....nah, I was going to , but it just did not fit the thread.
                    Here goes,
                    I was 17 and had been invited to the Cadet Ball at the Marine Military Academy in Harlingen Texas. The young cadet who invited me was a charming young man; his friend had asked a friend of mine and they arranged for a limo to pick us up at our homes. Jenny and I were so excited! The limo was so big and we had never been in one before; we played musical chairs like a bunch of goofs. The driver was amused, I am sure. Make note that upon the arrival of the limo at my house, I was ready, but had forgotten to put on this slip thing that had some crinoline like features to make my dress a little pooofy; well, I put it on quickly, making a loose loop and a bow and making a mental note to tighten it when I had a chance.
                    30 minutes later, we arrive at the Academy. Danny was there, standing at attention waiting for us, as was my friends date. Behind them was a small group of freshman , standing at attention, guarding us...it was mighty elegant for a little old girl from Brownsville, Texas. As we composed ourselves and gently reminded one another to act proper, I felt a a little brushy feeling on my upper legs.....AAAAAH...dismissed it; I rarely dressed in formal attire and hated panty hose; my innocent mind blamed it on them. Danny helps me out of the limo and I stand next to him, he kisses my hand, tells me I look lovely and starts to pin flowers on me. Beautiful orchids. I made a mental note to be extra nice this fine boy from Mexico who treated me like royalty. He says, Pardon me, and yells something to the underclassmen guarding us and gently takes my arm to escort me to the ballroom, which was just the gym decorated to look fancy. I raise my dress slighty to take a step and look like little miss proper and I felt my crinoline brush against my ankles and look down to make sure not too much is showing...a little is ok, mind you , but it is not merely hanging below my dress slightly to ever so coyly attract the eye ..it is a mass of puffy, white, bows, and tulle all collected at my ankles.....hiding my feet and my gorgeous silk shoes.....DAAAAAAAMMMMMN! My slip/petticoat abomination that my mother forced me to wear has fallen off me. I pull gently on Danny's arm and whisper to him, he looks down and sees the mess. He blushes, and whispers back to me that it is o.k..... The freshman guarding us start giggling like most 14 year old boys will do when they see something like that. Danny yells some command and they all turn away from me sharply standing at attention probably thinking that all hell is going to break loose when Danny gets them in private. My friend and her date have already left for the ball so I was the only female in the group. I am near tears, he puts his hand on my face and whispers something sweet in Spanish and when I smile and laugh, he does too. I know he was just dying to laugh, but being the dashing young mand he was...didnt until I gave him permission.
                    Danny still had the box my flowers came in so he told me the plan, I jump up and over real quick and he gathered the crinoline , bunched it up and stuffed it in the box. He put a handkercheif over it so nobody would see it and escorted me to an office building nearby, told the student guarding the area that I needed the facilities, allowed me to enter and fix that blasted crinoline; I was tempted to throw it away, but my dress looked just so flat without it. We had a splendid time and danced the night away, but the damned crinoline was not finished causing me grief. Towards the end of the evening, I stepped on the hem of the stupid thing and as I was walking away to the ladies room , heard Danny call my name and pointed down. I had a tail of lace behind me...GOOOD GOD! He rushed me to an area with few people, took out his trusty knife and cut off the thing. That was the end of that; I would normally make jokes about something like that all night, but I thought I would embarrass him, so I didn't. After the ball, he wrote me often, but I never wrote back; I was still too embarassed. Poor guy probably thought I had a horrible time and I didnt.
                    I still have the photos from that night and Mr. Bunny laughed when I showed it to him because it was so 80's as far as my attire was concerned. I wrote an essay about this moment in English Comp. 1 and made an A; it also made my teacher laugh.
                    I wonder where Danny Morales ended up? He was a nice guy and a real gentleman when this happened. I probably would have cried with anybody else.
                    "You may all go to hell and I will go to Texas."
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                      After all the nice things he did for you to relieve your embarassment...and you never wrote back to him? What did Mr. Foo-Foo do to win your affections -- save the world?

                      My most embarassing moment occurred when I was 19 and in college. I lived in an all-male dormitory and my girlfriend (who later became my wife) decided to spend the night.

                      At 3:00 a.m., the fire alarm went off. Not the sort of time they would normally hold a fire drill. So my wife threw on my robe and I threw on a pair of pants and we went outside.

                      So there my future-wife stood, wearing nothing but a robe and sandals, surrounded by about 500 guys. She was red as a beet for the entire duration.

                      It turned out to be a false alarm triggered by some drunk. My wife was furious. In her words, "If I have to go through this, I wanna see some goddammed flames!!!"

                      In retrospect, this is probably my wife's most embarassing moment. I thought it was kinda funny.
                      Caution and worry never accomplished anything.


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                        [QUOTE]Originally posted by kirch:
                        [QB]After all the nice things he did for you to relieve your embarassment...and you never wrote back to him? What did Mr. Foo-Foo do to win your affections -- save the world?

                        I know, I know...I was young and he was just a little too nice for me at that time; I was going through that liking bad boys stage, I guess. Mom thought I was crazy; all the young women in my hometown usually had one goal in life....nab themselves an MMA guy.....but I was different.
                        Mr. Bunny took me to see Frank Sinatra in '94, to my first Mardi Gras, adored his mother and grandmothers so I figured that was a good sign. He also hung around and stayed engaged to me while I recovered even after the doctors told him I may need assistance all my life...a lot of men would have bolted.
                        And, I just love him, he has the most beautiful blue eyes and the greatest laugh and smile.When I saw him play with his nephews and my nephews for the first time; I could just tell he would be a wonderful father and he is. [Wink]

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                        "You may all go to hell and I will go to Texas."
                        Davy Crockett


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                          You mean Dan Morales? The ex-Attorney General of Texas? The Dan Morales who ran for Governor? The Dan Morales who is in legal trouble over influencing certain people with money? The Dan Morales who divorced his first wife to marry an ex-stripper? That Danny Morales? Surely not.


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                            Originally posted by Pigskin:
                            You mean Dan Morales? The ex-Attorney General of Texas? The Dan Morales who ran for Governor? The Dan Morales who is in legal trouble over influencing certain people with money? The Dan Morales who divorced his first wife to marry an ex-stripper? That Danny Morales? Surely not.

                            NOOOOOO...you know, I never made that connection all these years!
                            "You may all go to hell and I will go to Texas."
                            Davy Crockett


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                              Cops caught me having sex with my boyfriend in his truck by the airport.
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