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    My latest passion is trance music. (In case y'all don't know what that is, trance is club/dance music w/o the words.) It's rather cool. I've eclectic tastes in music, so I've got all sorts of titles. What's your forte?

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    Rock/Pop, some rap, Celtic

    NO: Classical, crap rap, blues, j***.
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      Pretty much listen to anything but rap & heavy metal/alternative. Mainly prefer classic rock & easy listening. Must be the old age.


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        Country (real country, not most of the wimpy easy-listening crap put out in the last 10 or 15 years), heavy metal (especially 80s big-hair bands), 80s in general, and oldies (pre-70s), some classical (Tchaikovsky, Wagner) and some punk. That kind of covers a wide range, doesn't it?

        No top-40 dance (latter-day disco), easy listening, rap (music of the urban drug dealer)or hippy protest songs. Did I mention I hate easy-listening? I'd rather bathe in battery acid than listen to Celine Dion over-emote.
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          Formerly(pre-Iraqi war) rock from the '70s...when I was in school . Currently, country(it's MUCH more 'patriotic', IMO)...and I DON'T MEAN the old-time twangy 'Conway Twitty' stuff, either! BLECH!!!
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            Punk--old and new
            Lite/White Rap

            new favorites: "Hot Hot Heat," from Canada. they were at a large concert i went to last week and they were fantastic...i bought their latest CD the next day. remind me a little of The Clash. i also love The Ataris, Evanessence, Audioslave, Third Eye Blind, Good Charlotte, Avril Lavigne, P.O.D., Linkin Park.

            all time favorites include: Stone Temple Pilots, Sublime, Bruce Springsteen, Beastie Boys, Elvis Costello, Everlast/House of Pain, No Doubt, Talking Heads, and more...

            I love music!

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              All kinds, pop (boybands ), punk (Good Charlotte, Blink 182, Green Day), rock/alternative (The Used, Finch, Incubus, Linkin Park, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Simple Plan), hip hop (Eminem, Ja Rule, Ashanti) Trance music is great for clubbing.


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                lite rock stuff.. and a bunch of classical..
                I like Norah Jones, GooGoo Dolls, Ben Harper, MB20, and i LOVE Santana! I like metallica too... OH OH... and ROD STEWART!!! Oh but I have country.. makes me vomit.. seriously.
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                  i listen to all kinds of music from classical to j*** to rock. NO RAP/HIP HOP!!!! (with the exception of MAYBE 1 or 2 songs that might actually be semi-decent.)

                  mostly classic rock stuff though there are some good new bands out there today that i like thanks to my 17 year old son.
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                    Country for my daily "background music/relaxing time music". Don't know if I really have a favorite artist. There are too many good ones to mention (I do LOVE to listen to and WATCH Martina McBride [Wink] ). I just like country. I don't really care for blue grass, but Alison Krauss' voice is enchanting. What's interesting to me anyway is people who I never thought would do something country do a country sounding song i.e. Kid Rock's "Picture" and Uncle Kraker's "Drift Away". Both songs I LOVE and might even make me want to check out what else they sing.

                    While working out/running classic rock.

                    When reminiscing 80's music, mainly the "big hair" bands.

                    And, of course everyone has to have a little "Buffett" in their CD collection.

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                      The quick answer is country and classic rock. However, as has been stated in here several times with this topic, I love it all even some rap. Not much, but some.

                      Gimme some KISS, Kid Rock, Metallica, Iron Maiden, Megadeth and any other type of "mainstream metal" before and during work. The rest of the time it's classic rock or country.

                      Can't stand pre-packaged, homogenized, cookie cutter pop. Shania Twain has been ruined (in my own opinion) by this stuff and it's all Mutt's fault! Don't get me wrong, he did great with Def Leppard and AC/DC, but this pop s*** that she's been turning out SUCKS!!! Her first two albums...when they were really country...were great.

                      Faith Hill is tetering on that ledge, too. Her last album is getting really close to Celine Dion and THAT IS TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE!!! Don't get me wrong, I still think she's hotter than hell, but her music has changed.

                      And, of course everyone has to have a little "Buffett" in their CD collection.


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                        You can say, I'm very musically inclined. I like Big Band, J***, Doo-Wop, Blues, Rockabilly, and Classic Rock. I'm a huge Led Zeppelin fan. I also enjoy some Classic Country, like Marty Robbins and Johnny Cash. It's quite rare when I listen to the radio.


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                          It depends on the mood I am in. I always love Frank Sinatra, though. Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, and Jethro Tull are some old faves. Janis Joplin and Jimi Hendrix are too. We listen to a lot of J***,Blues and Baby Einstein stuff. Baby Bunny makes all the appropriate noises depending on the music we listen is a hoot! Last night, we were watching CSI (sorry, but I like it) and when the the intro theme music started, Baby Bunny was in her play pen, standing, and jumping up and down making this funny yelling noise with the music. When Aretha is on, she makes short little yelling noises and when classical music is playing, she does this soft TICKA,TICKA, is pretty cute. My grandfather was a music teacher and played in the Houston Symphony and some j*** clubs in Houston, so I think that is just in the blood! We are encouraging her obvious love of music.
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                            I mainly listen to country. I do listen to just about everything else. I listen to very little rap. Rap usually gets me turning the station. I am looking forward to hearing the new Metallica CD.
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