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  • New Dallas mayor

    Has anyone kept up with the goings on in Dallas? Seems like they are having problems with the school board, city council and police department. In my opinion, Ron Kirk, who stepped down from his office as mayor to seek Phil Grahams seat, is a worthless politician. But then most of them are.

    He campaigns for a job, gets elected and then quits. The so called hate crimes legislation was passed largely on a the so called hate attack to a local predominantly black church in Dallas attended by many of the black community. Somebody painted swastikas on the church. Even the fed investigator, who was black, doubted that this was genuine, because in virtually every racially motivated attack on blacks, the word '******' is always used. It was strangely absent here. Also, a witness claims to have seen a black man lingering around the church right about the time of this attack.

    Then you have the thugs led by John Wiley Price. This man loves to get in peoples faces and stop traffic and generally disrupt things. Last time it was at a protest at city council member Laura Millers home. I believe they were protesting over her objection to replacing presidents day with Cesar Chavez day.

    Price and his gang were at Millers home around 7 am with bull horns calling her a whore and other nice names in front of Ms. Millers children. Also, it was reported that the protester violated local laws which control how protesters may protest, and several rank and file police privately told councilwoman Miller that the police were ordered by a high ranking authority (Chief Bolton?) to ignore any violations.

    Then you have Chief Bolton. A sargent promoted to chief over better qualified lietenants and Captains,in the name of affrimative action. First thing he does upon taking office is get rid of several of the high ranking officers in DPD. Those officers have sued the city and so far won a judgement of 6 million dollars. Taxpayers take it in the butt again. All because of corrupt, amoral politicians.

    Councilwoman Miller has long been an adversary of politics and has had many a bout with Bolton and the city manager.

    Now, fast forward to Today. Laura Miller is the new mayor of Dallas. Can Chief Bolton say 'Miller time'?

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    I don't live within the city limits of Dallas, so I didn't get to vote. But it is great that Miller won.

    You only touched on a small part of the Dallas PD's problems. The Dallas County DA is dismissing many drug cases, because the evidence, gathered from information provided by an informant paid nearly $200k in one year, is crushed sheetrock.

    That is Bolton's latest fiasco.

    The former mayor lobbied for and helped pushed through increased taxes, mostly on city visitors, to build a new arena, American Airlines Center. At the same time, the police and fire departments are understaffed and a raise was denied.

    Code enforcement is nearly non-existant, and streets are in horrible condition.

    The government of Dallas long has had it's priorities messed up. I hope Mrs. Miller can get the job done.
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      Yes, I know there are a lot more things wrong. I do not live there either, but being close, some of thier problems can easily come to us. Crime, increased taxes, poor planning, just name a few. I think she was the best choice. She said she was against gun shows, but in a private email she says she is not, so I don't know. I do know anybody that will stand up to that bunch of hypocrits would have had my vote.


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