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How I captured Eric Robert Rudolph!!!


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  • How I captured Eric Robert Rudolph!!!

    It was a busy night at the Silver Pole Gentleman's Club and I had already caught up with five absconders that day so I had a pocket full of one dollar bill's and plenty of G string's to fill. On my hip was my new Glock 34 with a Docter Red Dot sight mounted into the slide, she was loaded with 115 Gr Speer Gold Dots and had the Glock Tactical Light attached. It was sitting comfortably inside my Fobus Roto Holster. I had just tipped Darlene (my favortie girl} when my Nextel started ringing.

    It was one of my informants. A weasely little guy named Jim. Jim was a Cherokee who had done some time with Army CID before he retired. While I didn't really like Jim to much, his information was usually pretty accurate. I usually threw a few bucks his way to support his peyote habit. It was a mutually beneficial relationship for both of us.

    Well Jim goes on to tell me that he has heard about this guy up in NC that had set off a few bombs and how there was this big reward out for him. Naturally, me being a professional business man and all, my interest was peaked. Jim went on to tell me that this guy, he thought his name was Aaron, was up in the Applechain Mountains of North Carolina. Naturally a million dollars is a lot of money, so I jump in the fully armored Ford Excursion with the thermal imaging system and roof mounted fifth generation night vision over head display and make my way up I85 from Atlanta to Charlotte.

    I found this little one horse town called Monroe NC. It had one stop light, which was broken, and a little convenience store called Bubba's. I pull into Bubba's and approached the owner, Bubba, and show him the picture of this Rudolph guy. He instantly got a little henke so I knew I was ont something. Bubba swore up and down that he had never seen of, nor heard of this guy. I could see Bubba was scareder than Shooter at the firing range so I left Bubba's knowing that I was onto something.

    Just as I was getting in the Excursion the local cop pulled up. I knew right away that this was gonna be the typical "This here is my town" display by the local cops. Instead it was this wet behind the ears kid who seemed like a pretty good guy. He told me if I needed anything at all to just give him a call. I thanked him and also told him about how I was doing a fugitive recovery in this area and that when I was on scene, I had tactical command. The kid agreed and we parted company amicably.

    I started cruising the town looking for any access roads that could take me up into the Appleachain Mountains. I wanted to drive in as far as I could then continue the search on foot. In the passenger seat next to me was my constant companion and partner Katana, a pure breed wolf that I had rescued as a cub from the jaws of a wild grizzly. Katana found a loggin road and followed it for about two miles up into the mountains when we came to the end of the road.

    I parked the Excursion and donned the Tiger Stripe BDU's and applied the camo face paint. Next I loaded up my Molle pack, Hydra Storm, Black Hawk tactical vest, and the Danner Acadia boots. I was supremely confident that I could blend into the woods without being seen. Then I grabbed the Glock 18 and ten 31 round magazines and headed off in search of my prey.

    Katana immediatly hit on a fresh trail and we tracked it all the way up the mountain. We followed the trail for about three hours when we came over a ridge and saw a clearing down below. I knew I was in a poor tactical position as anyone in the clearing could look up and see us standing on the hill top. I immediately got down and waited for incoming fire to hit my location. When none came in I felt reasonably safe that we had not been spotted, but I didn't want to take any chances. I pulled out the Dell Pentiom 5 powered notebook computer and immediately called up the NSA web site where I had access to spy satellite readouts worldwide. When I checked the passover times I saw that the next pass was not for another four hours. I checked the images from the last pass and did not make out anything useful.

    I decided to rest for awhile and take advantage of the four hour delay. I set up claymores a half click down the trail I had just come up and half a click down the hill, in case anyone came out of the valley and tried to sneak up on my position. When I knew my hide site was secure, I settled in and quickly fell fast asleep.

    I was awaken three hours later by my Luminox Fibrox Navy Seal Dive Watch that was a gift to me from Dick Marcinko. I reconed the area and retrieved the claymores I had previously set up. By now it was getting close to the time for the next pass over. I watched intently as the Dell was flashing me real time photos of the valley below. The only thing that showed up was a Snickers bar wrapper. Damn, I had struck out, and now I was four hours behind my prey. As I examined the Snickers Bar photo I noticed something unusual. The wrapper was sitting on top of a boot print. Maybe I wasn't out of luck after all. The boot appeared to be a Wolverine size 9 print, and that was what my boy Rudolph had been known to wear. Bingo, I was on the right trail. The print was facing back towards the town. I knew which way my boy was headed!

    I B lined it back down the trail and made it to the Excursion. Katana jumped in and we made our way back to the town. When I arrived back in town it was late and the streets were desserted. I knew my boy had to be going somewhere specific at this late hour. He didn't jst come down the mountain this late for his health. U scanned the area and noticed a SaveMore store about one click to the west. I didn't want to spook my prey so Katana and I went in on foot. I made it to the front of the SaveMore and didn't see anything. I watched Katana as he listened for the faintest of sounds. Katana must have picked up on soemthing because his fur stood straight up and his eyes went ice cold. I knew then that I was close.

    I immediately grabbed the bungee cord out of my MOLLE pack and attached a grappling hook and threw it on the roof, hooking the edge of the roof. I grabbed Katana and made it up the rope and was on top of the building in five seconds. I immediately reconned the roof and saw that it was clear. I then donned my NVG goggles as the sun was totally gone and the moon was only at a quarter. I made my way to the back side of the roof and scanned the ground at the back of the store. I saw a dark figure rummiging through the trash. I was pretty sure this was my boy. I tied my roof off on a vent on the roof and did a base jump off the top of the roof. When I hit the ledge a pebbel came loose from the roof and hit my prey on the head. The element of surprise had been lost and I was in no-,ams land, that point between heaven and earth, where I was powerless. All I could was fall. As I was falling I saw the shadowy figure reach into his waist band. I knew he was going for a gun so I grabbed the G18 that was slung over my shoulder and let loose with a full aoto barrage. I was close to contact so I snatched the rope just in time, my body was rocked forward by thre dramatic deceleration and I was able to land on my feet. I immediatly rolled to the left and came up firing the G18 where I had last seen my target.

    When the three round burst was over I looked and saw my target running towards the front of the store. I squeezed the trigger one more time and only got a click. The G18 was empty, and I didn't have time to reload. I slung the 18 back over my shoulder and grabbed the 34 and took off after my man.

    I rounded the front of the store when I heard it. When you have heard the sound before, you automatically recognize it. It was the sound of an AK, I hadn't heard it since the OPS in Colombia, but the sound was unmistakeable. I rolled to my left towards the alley just as the first wave of 7.62 slammed into the building where I had been standing. I then knew then that it was him or me and one of us wasn't going hime alive. I raised the G34 and guickly launched five rounds towards the dark shape that was trying so desperately to kill me. I didn't jave time to acquire the dot, so I knew I did'nt get a clean hit, but the suppresive cover fire had worked. The shadowy figure was running. I knew then that I had won, my target was on the run, and I had all the time I needed. I stood up and reloaded a fresk 17 round mag and took aim. I leveled the 34 and acquired the red dot. My boy was moving fast and he was about forty yards out, but I knew he was still in range. I placed the dot on the back of his right knee and squeezed........

    To Be Continued!

    Support Gaston!!!!!!

    There is no hunting like the hunting of man!

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    And I thought I had too much time on my hands! RW


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      Peyote? So that's why he looks like that!


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        Can someone cut that down to 5 lines for me? Im far to lazy to read all that.


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          And here I thought he was captured by an overzealous rookie officer in Kansas (or was that Ohio) running RADAR at the bottom of a hill 25 (or was that 100) feet from a speed change. It's too bad the case will get thrown out (or deferred) since the officer violated the law (or was that department policy).


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            In my state a CHL does not allow one to carry where alchol is served for on-premise consumption.

            Anyone know about GlockClowns state.

            I also know the the FBI does not "contract out" arrest work, as he attested to previously.


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              Ever considered writing for a living? Your adventures actually make for entertaining reading.

              Dang! I must be slipping. Here I am giving you praise AND encouragement! [Wink]
              "When you guys get home and face an anti-war protester, look him in the eyes and shake his hand. Then, wink at his girlfriend, because she knows she's dating a *****."
              -Commanding General, 1st Marine Division


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                This is kinda cool to be seeing this on here.'re an odd supporter of Glocks(my dad was too), and yet you sure write a good story!


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                  I thought about moving this to the Jokes forum, where it belongs.........

                  But I decided to close it on principal. I'm not going to allow Glockawiener to even try to take any credit for some good police work by real cops...... even in jest.


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