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For those who support the officers in the beating.


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  • For those who support the officers in the beating.

    Okay, let's start off by saying the radical leftist anti-American Media left out a good portion of the tape, the part which incited the officers to respond the way they did.

    Here is my opinion, Law Enforcement Officers hardly ever act this way, so my attitude is, what did that pile of sh*t do to invoke such a response.

    Personally, I think he got exactly what he deserved. If he wasn't breaking the law, it never would have happened. He had to do something for the cops to react that way.

    Police Officers are human beings, too. However, whenever they lose their cool for a brief second or make a mistake, everyone is on their *** for this or that. No other profession is as UNFORGIVING!!!!

    I'd love to see that punk try the same crap with Russian Police, the beating he got in Inglewood would just be a warm up for what he would be in other country's.

    I contacted the Inglewood Police Department
    and talked to their Public Relations, and I called in SUPPORT OF THE OFFICERS!!!

    I will provide the phone number of the Police Department, and also the address of where you can write to the Chief of Police.
    You can NOT contact the Chief by e-mail.

    Inglewood Police Department

    Chief Ronald Banks
    1 Manchester Blvd.
    Inglewood, Ca 90301

    Before I go, I am NOT, I repeat NOT a sworn Law Enforcement officer. I am just a completely disgusted citizen who is sick to death of seeing the sh*t of the earth getting away with more and more while the dedicated men and women who serve as Law Enforcement Officers are getting more and more handcuffed by the day it seems.

    I hope you take the time to make both the call and write the letters of support for the officers. They can use it.

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    I pretty much agree. We non cops need to keep voicing our exremely ****ed off views because if cops do it, sometimes the politicians that control them, ruin them, or try to.

    That being said, let me say that I don't just "love someone" because they are in LE. I came to this forum by accident, and learned quite a bit. so, screw that cliche "you're a cop lover crap". I love the truth, and it WILL set you free. Police need our support.

    Police are no different than you or I except for the risk they take, and the job they do. And that is a big diference from you or I.

    How many people have really been abused by the police? You know, besides rodney king? LOL on that one! It seems that the left media is bent on persecuting police to no end, and I for one despise it.

    I tell folks all the time that the police are not our enemy, but that if we continue to be ignorant, and believe these false prophets in the media, they may become that.

    Thank politicians for this attitude. It is all to get votes, and remain in office. Folks, the sh*t hit the fan a long time ago.

    Do what you can to change it, and don't disrespect all blacks because of a few.

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      Nice that the Mayor has already called for this officer's head. Okay, he had to make a statement, but what's wrong with: "based on what I've seen in the media, this does not look good but I have confidence in our police department and city officials to fully investigate this incident and take appropriate action." In the end this cop is still toast, but the message is bit more diplomatic.
      I agree that this youngster probably was begging for a thumping, but I drew the line at the punch. My money says he was playing the "I can't get up" routine when the first officer pitched him onto the trunk. At that point, it doesn't look too good, but there is more than meets the eye. The punch...nope, can't support the officer on that one. Thankfully that two-striper grabbed him as soon as it looked like he was cocking back for punch number two.
      Oh yeah, I've only seen one report where they showed the injured officer with the cut over his ear. Somehow that didn't make the major networks. Oh, I forgot, it's a cops job to take a beating and sometimes die.
      "A man's got to know his limitations" --Inspector Harry Callahan in Magnum Force


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        these dedicated men and women who serve as Law Enforcement Officers, every day they go to work, they are putting their lives on the line, and that F**KING NO GOOD Media, they can care less.

        When people see this, this is why Law Enforcement is having a tough time recruiting officers, simply because they don't want to put up with this crap.

        I am just LIVID about this BULLS**T!!!!
        Does our media have a contract with SATAN or something, because they clearly support the side of evil all the time.

        Well, before I go, I just really hope people in here take the time to write to the Chief of Police, I left the address, and as far as I am concerned, my letter of support for the officers which I will mail tomorrow will be the best 37 cents I have spent in some time.

        The Chief over there will listen to letters, so here is an opportunity to speak out and be heard. Just remember, when you send that letter, it will represent many other frustrated citizens like you and me, but only they are too lazy to write the letter.


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          This is un-popular with police it seems, but I've thought for a while police should strike. But if they did, what could be the outcome?

          To me, it's similar to the rights battle we, the people, are going through. Why don't we rise up?


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            Originally posted by MikeTx:
            This is un-popular with police it seems, but I've thought for a while police should strike. But if they did, what could be the outcome?
            Probably be out of a job. We cannot strike.
            Our contract reads as follows:

            "Neither the Union nor any employee shall engage in, induce, support, encourage, or condone a strike, sympathy strike, work stoppage, slowdown, concerted withholding of services, sick-out or any interference with the mission of any State agency".

            We are also not allowed to talk to the media without permission.
            " Life's disappointments are harder to take when you don't know any swear words." - Calvin


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              Generally, I am not the type to support a strike.

              I'm pretty much an anti-union type of guy.

              But when I see things going the way they have been with this lynchmob, opportunist reactionary, cop-basjing hoopla...

              My first thought is STRIKE!

              I know it isn't right... but it's what I start thinking about.

              Makes me think of a bumper sticker from the '60s that went, "Don't like cops? Then next time you're in trouble, call a hippie!"

              Maybe we need to update it for the times..

              "Don't like cops? Then next time you are in trouble, call a crackhead!"

              And as far as losing my job.. Sh*t! I can FIND a job.

              [ 07-09-2002: Message edited by: Sparky ]


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                You'd think the LAPD and surrounding Police Departments would have learned to be wary of vacationers with videocameras by now.
                Concerning the difference between man and the jackass: some observers hold that there isn't any. But this wrongs the jackass.
                -Mark Twain


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                  See now it is "cover me @ss time". The mayor wants to get reelected so of course he will say that he wants them fired. Now is where politics will come into play... The protesters were chanting "No Justice, No Peace!" earlier today, so I'm thinking that we may see some riots or at least small violent outbursts if what they want doesn't happen.
                  "True mean GREEN!"


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                    Yeppers that is the answer to most things nowadays if it does not go you way create more violence on the innocent thus you are getting your point well across so that maybe next time they will listen to what the minority of people think because we all know that the minority is always right and what they say should go no matter what popular view or the facts say.

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                        I liked Spark's opinion however the news media barely showed the officers injuries then went on to the video tape. They said the service station cameras would show the beginning atercation but doesn't seem like they waited for that. The next move was to the mayor's speech saying he won't take that kind of abuse in his city. Seemed like he was almost judge and jury. Guess he can't tell his citizens that rioting is also against the law and wait for the investigation to be completed. However I didn't realize it was getting close to election time. Concerning the strike issue that doesn't work either unless it's 100 percent and you have the mechanics with you on it. Been through two of those. One cancelled Mardi Gras and cost the city millions but hurt the image of the police to the law abiding public that were always on your side. The bumper sticker idea however is good and at least should make some people think. What's amazing is that 99.9% of law abiding citizens have no complaints with the police it's always the criminals. Seems like you would just obey the law incidents like this wouldn't happen. However I don't think the mayor would convey that message to his people. We were having a lot of officers being shot at about ten years ago. The Chief got ****ed and put out a memo and a News Conference that he had ordered his men to shoot to kill if fired upon. His name was Clarence Giarusso. Talk about an uprising. People couldn't believe if we were fired upon we just wouldn't do like John Wayne did and shhot the gun out your hand. You were getting a bullet back and it wasn't coming at your hand.
                        Stay safe and watch your back. Survived Katrina. Now a Official member of the Chocolate City Police.


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                          I dont think a strike is the answer, to much chaos to clean up when we finally were appeased and went back to work, thatnks but no thanks.

                          My answer to the problem is a severe case of apathy for awhile. Then wait and see what people think.

                          We could go to calls and say, "Ma'am, I'm real sorry somebody broke into your house and stole your stuff, but if I actually investigate this and arrest someone, I'm going to probably be accused of some slanderous false accusation about my character or my conduct and I really dont need the headaches. Maybe a good attorney can help you get your stuff back. GOOD LUCK, BYE!

                          After this goes on for a little while, eventually it's going to hit the media and people will start asking questions. Thats when we announce that we are just tired of the B.S. and this is our solution to the problem. We have finally realized that the less work we do equals less headaches to put up with.

                          Obviously my theory is a little overly simplistic and cynical and I dont think our conditions have gotten that bad yet. But if we continue down the path we are on.......


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                            Originally posted by RogueWarrior:

                            Does our media have a contract with SATAN or something, because they clearly support the side of evil all the time.
                            They tell people what they want to hear. That sells papers. Write a letter to the media so they know you’re out there...Jot down a note to the mayor while you’re at it.


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                              as i stated on another thread yesterday, until we know what preceded the incident, everything we say is just an opinion. but, i will say that this officer has my support REGARDLESS of circumstance.

                              too many dirtbags think it is free game on officers but cry "racism" when the tables are turned and they are busted. bull$#it!!.

                              maybe it was an unprofessional manner in which the officer acted, but not being an LEO myself, i can see where sometimes you officers are stretched to the limit dealing with these pieces of crap day in and day out.

                              but i will tell you one thing, and it may not be a popular opinion, but if this perp was white i'm sure the hoopla would be considerably less, if noticed at all, in the media.

                              it's only a matter of time before jesse and al will be in inglewood marching on the steps of city hall calling for the head of these "rogue cops"!!

                              of course the mayor and chief will tread lightly, but they will probably serve this officer up for crucifixion i'm sure.
                              I'll post, You argue.


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