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  • Your'e first 'real' job

    Been thinking about what career i could have had if not locking 'people' up... What was your'e first job excluding kids stuff like paper delivery etc and how come your'e not doing it now!!
    My first job was selling hotdogs at a football ground and i was 'let go' cos i shut up shop and went to watch the game...hadn't quite grasped the principles of employment at that stage
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    My first real job was junior Network Engineer, for an (now bust) Online sports magazine called Worldsport.com. I was 17yrs old, and just left school a year earlier after being informed by some of my teachers I wasnt gonna amount to anything - I was earning more then they were

    Weather or not i had a clue what i was doing was neither here nor there, I got a paycheck


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      I'm still doing my first "real" job. After the first 10 years, I was kind of forced into being a lifer. The second ten years confirmed that I was a lifer.
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        Dishwasher-Restaurant at a Holiday Inn
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          Waitress/setup person at Pennsville Beef Banquet Hall. (i know...whatta name [Wink] ) worked there age 16-17.

          oh, as to why i'm not working it now? i hated it!! especially the drunk men at the retirement dinners!

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          "You did what you knew how to do...and when you knew better, you did better." ~~Maya Angelou


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            If it can even be called a real job, mine was "Sandwich Artist" at Subway. ooooo aaaahhhh... Flash back to 'In Living Color' Hated it!
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              I worked for a security company in Croydon, Surrey, UK ..... marvellous firm, they had CPLS, SGTS, S/SGTS and even Inspectors

              they were rank crazy and referred to each other "as if" in the army, wonderful set up, of course, I had no stripes whatsoever and was a "mere" guard

              after 6 months I asked the Inspector if I could be a DOG HANDLER and have my own patrol van.

              The firm had marked security vans with alsations and patrol drivers, who would drive around all the sites - hand out shirts, wages, expenses, bulletuns /whatever else and then do a run with the dog on your premises, then onto the next one

              I always fancied doing that job, but the 'Insp' advised me that the insurance on those vans, was "block insurance" and all drivers had to be 25 or over, I was only 18 !!

              So in that case I asked what about some promotion to CPL? [Eek!] he made no promises but the following week turned up with somebody in smart plain clothes who I never met before

              I had to escort the bloke around the building and say what I would do in a "fire" etc
              strange business

              the following day I got SGT stripes and was pretty pleased, but the guard with me was gutted to find that he had been promoted only to CPL!

              (we took it so seriously )
              from your old mate
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                My first "real" job (I had done a lot of volunteering prior to this) was being a server/busser/butler (I know, a female being a bulter !) in Turf Valley Resort/Country Club/Conference Center in Ellicott City, MD. Got paid $8.50 per hr plus time and an half for overtime work...which is a good amount for starting pay. Company policy was that we got no tips...a real bumer. I really enjoyed the job. I liked the physical aspect of it, and dealing with so many types of people. It was rather enjoyable watching the different events...wedings, bar/bat mitzvahs, anniversaries, somebody's birthday...yada, yada, yada. It was fun. Now I'm involved with Job Corps, so no job at the moment. [Frown]


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                  Worked as a "Cart Attendant" at a local golf course during high school.
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                    First REAL job was laying sod the summer between my junior/senior years in high school. On the road at 0430 and finished around 2030. Minimum wage was $1.10/HR, but I was being paid $3/HR, cash.

                    Next 'real' job was working in a pizza restaurant my freshman year in college. I still 'hate' pizza....

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                      Holy crap, Jarhead and I have something in common! I started working as a "Certified Sandwich Artist" at a Subway franchise in Columbia Maryland waaaay back in winter '94.


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                        My first real job after high school was working in an ice cream wharehouse filling orders. My wasteline increased much more rapidly than my pay did.
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                          Discounting mowing lawns, I guess mine was spraying orange groves and it SUCKED.

                          You had to wear long sleeves and long pants because of the chemicals. You spent all day, walking in the Florida summer heat behind a tractor, squirting insecticide on trees......... for minimum wage.


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                            Now that I've seen everyone's picture, I can just imagine you guys doing those jobs and it makes me wanna roll!

                            SGT. Dave...a dishwasher...omg why does that make me laugh?

                            I guess I should be quiet now because I worked at concession stand inside a sports arena. HATED it. I will never ever work around hungry people and food again. I have a nightmare story from that place that still haunts me to this day....
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                              I was a certified welder. Didn't like it, and the at the place where I worked there was another person with my last name that was stealing equipment, and somehow everybody thought it was me. Even my parents. It came as a shock one day at work, because I had no idea why they thought I was stealing, when I was talking to this guy with the same name, and he took apart a cutting torch and put it inside his boot, and told me if I told, he'd hurt me. I was like 20, so I did the best thing I knew, and that was to quit.


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