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    When I have worked with the feds (contract work with the F.B.I.)
    Ahh, would that be when you fixed the vending machine in the federal building?


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      I too have read the banter between GP and others and I've been entertained. I too have held off on joining until now.

      After 13 years in this business I've had a couple of contacts with bondsmen and a couple of contacts with one "Bounty Hunter" who was out trying to find a skip. I wasn't impressed by him but I'll try to be fair and not judge all BEA's by the one goofball I met. I've also seen the Discovery Channel special on BEA's. Again I was not impressed by most of the folks they profiled.

      I have no problem with the concept of BEA's provided that they work within the law. I do not think a growth in the BEA industry would threaten LE jobs anyways. More BEA's means there are people out on bond have absconded. Isn't that an indicator of job security for us?

      I do have to disagree with GP on calling BEA's law enforcement. While there are parallels between what we do and there are some common job characteristics BEA's are not out there enforcing laws, they are enforcing a civil contract. The purpose of a BEA's action is to bring an absconder back into custody so that the bond underwriter won't have to pay up the full bond amount to the government.

      I do take issue with what GP said in the other BEA thread about having tactical command at the scene of a fugitve recovery. If I am conducting a criminal investigation (looking for a wanted person is indeed an investigation) it is a crime for anybody to obstruct or delay it. Here in CA BEA's are not entitled to take over a crime scene from a police officer (per section 148(a) of the Penal Code).

      Interestingly I did a little research and CA now regulates the BEA business. Check out this CA Penal Code section:

      1299.07. (a) An individual authorized by Section 1299.02 to
      apprehend a bail fugitive shall not represent himself or herself in
      any manner as being a sworn law enforcement officer.
      (b) An individual authorized by Section 1299.02 to apprehend a
      bail fugitive shall not wear any uniform that represents himself or
      herself as belonging to any part or department of a federal, state,
      or local government. Any uniform shall not display the words United
      States, Bureau, Task Force, Federal, or other substantially similar
      words that a reasonable person may mistake for a government agency.
      (c) An individual authorized by Section 1299.02 to apprehend a
      bail fugitive shall not wear or otherwise use a badge that represents
      himself or herself as belonging to any part or department of the
      federal, state, or local government.

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        For OfficerWannaBe:

        Being a BEA is a narrow job with a single focus. You go out and try to safely take bail absconders into custody.

        Being a cop entails many, many more functions. You need to do your research on the two professions and then decide what you want to do.
        If you see me running try to keep up!


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          Two comments:

          I don't think that BEAs are taking police jobs. I think that if any resentment does exist, it is due to the fly by night tactics and recklessness employed by many BEAs. Note that I said many, not all.

          Second, as Hightower said, BEAs work as the result of a civil contract. They are not enforcing criminal law.
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            Trolls are like kids........You keep feeding them and they keep growing!


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              OMG...this thread is out of control!

              Glock, it's nice you have a fan club BUT my EX with a record WHO has been to jail is a bounty hunter or whatever it is you call it. When he told me that it made me want to RUN for the hills. I don't care what anyone tells me about it, that job is about as bad as being a used-car salesman. I don't know why I'm using that correlation but it seems to fit at this time.

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                I guess it's true...the ridiculous posts dont hurt anyone. but someone DID ask for real information about a job, and they got a fairy tale.

                it was a great bedtime story tho... it did make me sleepy [Wink] ...nite
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                  Originally posted by Glockaphile:
                  When I interviened several of his lackeys tried to step in, they wanted some Glockaphile action and let me tell you, they got some! When I was done unleashing the Tang Sue Do they weren't in the mood to fight, and EMS carried them away.

                  "Glockaphile Action" I am sorry, but that just doesn't sound tough. Kinda sounds, well, wussy.

                  Tang Sue Do.....how long have you been taking part in this martial art? I guess if I studied something long enough, I might know how to spell it. Tang Soo Do. Please write it down for your next post. Please don't unleash Verbal Tang Soo Do on us.
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                    Bail enforcement may be law enforcement to you, but it sure as hell isn't with sworn law enforcment officers. My agencies impression of BEA was not much higher than the people they were looking for. BEA's might be better categorized with repossesors, or collection agents.


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                      Here's an article about a bail bondsman in the Slammer:

                      Bail Bondsman Arrested in Alleged Assault on Woman, 63

                      Dateline: Kansas City, MO - 5/31/2003

                      By ROBERT A. CRONKLETON and CHRISTINE VENDEL
                      The Kansas City Star

                      Kansas City police Friday arrested a bail bondsman who allegedly assaulted a 63-year-old Wyandotte County woman while searching for her son, who had skipped bond.

                      Richard J. Vessels, 28, was taken into custody at Police Headquarters on a Wyandotte County warrant for aggravated assault.

                      On May 21, the Wyandotte County district attorney charged Vessels with one count of aggravated battery. Chris Schneider, a spokesman for the district attorney's office, declined to comment Friday.

                      Kansas City police said the incident occurred Sept. 29, 2002, at the Wyandotte County woman's home.

                      A group that included Vessels was at the house looking for the woman's son. Police said that Vessel and others flipped over beds and other furniture, and that the woman objected.

                      The woman told police that Vessels hit her on the head with an expandable, metal baton.

                      Members of the FBI Fugitive Task Force tried to arrest Vessels for several days but could not find him. They then tricked him into coming to Kansas City Police Headquarters on Friday.

                      A detective called Vessels' cell phone and said that his brother needed help meeting a $1,800 bond to get out of the Kansas City Jail. When Vessels showed up in the lobby of Police Headquarters, detectives arrested him.

                      Vessels told police that he did not remember the incident involving the woman and that he did not know a warrant was out for his arrest.

                      Jerry Linquist, owner of Linquist Bail Bonds, based in Raytown, said Vessels was a subcontractor for Peak Bail Bonds in Kansas City, which is owned by Linquist Bail Bonds.

                      Linquist said that he could not comment on the charge because he was still trying to find out what happened.

                      "We don't know exactly what is going on," Linquist said.

                      His agents use the least amount of force possible in apprehending fugitives, Linquist said.

                      "Unless someone is attacking us and we need to get them off us, that is the only force we use," Linquist said. "We absolutely don't use excessive force."

                      Vessels was in jail Friday night, awaiting extradition to Kansas.

                      AND ANOTHER ONE:

                      Another Bail Bondsman Arrested In Sex Case

                      POSTED: 5:10 p.m. MST January 30, 2003

                      FORT MORGAN, Colo. -- A Morgan County bail bondsman was under arrest Wednesday for allegedly kidnapping and sexually assaulting a woman who contacted the sheriff's office Tuesday.

                      Sheriff James Crone said that Michael Edward Bien, 52, of Snyder, was arrested by sheriff's investigators when he showed up at the county jail to bail out another prisoner.

                      The Logan County woman said she had previously posted bail through Bien and that he called her Sunday, telling her she was in trouble and that he needed to talk to her.

                      She told investigators that she drove to Bien's home and he told her she was in "protective custody" while he took care of the situation.

                      Monday, the woman said Bien took her to a court appearance in Logan County and then returned to her residence, where he kept her from leaving. She told investigators that Bien sexually assaulted her that night.

                      The woman was taken to a friend's house the next day and she told them what happened. The friend took her to the hospital, which contacted the sheriff's office.

                      Investigators said Kevin Joe Lippold, 43, Bien's roommate, was also arrested later on Wednesday on charges of conspiracy and criminal attempt involving the kidnapping charge against Bien.

                      Investigators said there may be more victims.

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