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  • Birth order

    I'm the baby of the family, yet my next oldest sibling is 13 & 1/2 yrs older than I. I'm what's called a "functional firstborn"...The functional firstborn is an interesting phenomena wherein a child who is not the firstborn child in his or her family, for all intents and purposes, fulfills the traditional role of the firstborn.

    What's your birth order...firstborn, middle child, or last born? And do you believe this affects anything at all in your life?

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    first born in the entire extended family.

    Im older then all my siblings and cousins.

    Two brothers, 18 and 3
    One sister, 1


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      First born.
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        First of five.

        My wife is first of 3.

        It has been reported that firstborns naturally seek each other out. It seems to be true. Many of my friends are firstborns, as are their wives.
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          Numero uno.


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            Actually I've heard last borns seek out first borns and I have seen this quite often.

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              in my studies, all women seem to seek me out.



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                MikeTx...from what I've seen of your posts (which is quite a bit) I could've guessed you are "numero uno"


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                  First born of two.

                  I always thought I had it harder than my sister, who is 3 years younger than me. She got to see how far Mom and Dad could be pushed until they got mad, therefore, she didn't push as hard or as far as me and was able to avoid a lot of the trouble I got in. Plus she learned to be sneakier than me.
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                    I am the one and only. I was actually raised by my grandparents in a house with two cousins who were close in age. Not quite a true only child.
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                      I am the last of 5 kids...

                      Got two sisters aged 23 and 25, and two brothers, 36 and 40, I am a mere 19... Kinda odd when you're oldest brother could easily be your father.
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                        I'm the oldest of 4 kids. I'm 26, my sis is 24 brother 21 and youngest bro 20.
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                          I'm the oldest of two (both boys). My brother has the (mental and physical) scars to prove he had an older brother

                          I am the last of 5 kids...

                          I'd have bet money that you were a youngest child


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                            Second born of two. I had it pretty easy growing up.

                            I learned by watching my Brother (6 years older) what to avoid, and didn't get caught! [Wink]

                            Although we fought a lot when growing up, we get along well now.

                            Sometimes he forgets I'm an adult, though

                            Then again, it may be his age [Wink] (j/k)
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                              I am the oldest child and also the oldest of the grandkids.

                              I am 27 and my sister is 23. She ended up being my tagalong when we were younger. We didn't talk when I was in high school. We continued to not talk when she was in high school. We are great friends now.
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